What Level is Your Design Business?

Product Development

Demetrius Robinson: Show Up & Do The Work

Today with Demetrius Robinson: Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Demetrius Robinson, full-service luxury interior designer and lifestyle brand pro behind At Home With Savvy, shares his secret sauce... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Sarah Von Dreele: When you turn a creative outlet into a career.

Today with Sarah Von Dreele Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, LuAnn is diving into the world of textiles with designer Sarah Von Dreele. Sarah began painting as a creative outlet which soon transformed... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Jenna Gaidusek: How to Build an Online Business in Interior Design

Today with Jenna Gaidusek: Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m diving into the world of e-design with Jenna Gaidusek. She built her online firm to generate passive income and take control... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Robin Baron: Strategic Thinking on Product Development

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! LuAnn’s guest is Robin Baron, who first joined LuAnn in episode #32. Robin is a #smartlady with an incredible body of work which includes being a celebrity interior... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Amanda Hamilton: Running a Mid-Size Firm & Creating Additional Revenue Streams

Welcome to the show! Today, we're featuring #risingdesigner Amanda Hamilton. Amanda's bold and unorthodox approach to design and business has made her one of the most sought-after designers in Western... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Bria Hammel: Keys to Scaling Your Interior Design Firm

Welcome! Today we have Bria Hammel, the Principal Designer and CEO of Bria Hammel Interiors, the CEO of Brooke & Lou, and the Co-Creator of Hammel House & Co., with us on the show. Bria leads a... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Jan Showers: A Glamorous Career

Welcome to today's show, sponsored by Kravet Inc. We have the privilege today of having the Dallas-based interior designer, Jan Showers, join us on the show. As a successful entrepreneur, Jan understands... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Power Talk Friday – Savour Partnership: Designing Wealth Into Your Business

Welcome to today’s episode! We have a very special show for you, sponsored by Savour Partnership, owned by principals Leslie Carothers and Sam Henderson. Leslie and Sam both appeared previously in episode... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Sue Firestone: The Malibu Collection with Kravet Inc

Welcome to another episode of A Well-Designed Business! We are really excited to have Sue Firestone join us on the show today. Sue has a body of work that is truly impressive and the really happy news... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Corey Damen Jenkins: Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, & Gentleman

I have another outstanding show for you today! Corey Damen Jenkins is with me today and he is no exception to the amazing people I have been meeting. What you will learn from is that he is one of the good... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

What Level is Your Design Business?