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Power Talk Friday – Savour Partnership: Designing Wealth Into Your Business

Episode 458 of A Well-Designed Business®
458: Power Talk Friday – Savour Partnership: Designing Wealth Into Your Business

Welcome to today’s episode! We have a very special show for you, sponsored by Savour Partnership, owned by principals Leslie Carothers and Sam Henderson.

Leslie and Sam both appeared previously in episode #209 when they spoke to us about the importance of building your own email list.

Today, Leslie joins us. She is a visionary who pioneered the use of social media and influencer marketing within the home furnishings and interior design industry through her main business, The Kaleidoscope Partnership.

She has worked extensively with major brands, emerging brands and interior designers to reach their client/customer brand awareness, acquisition and national press goals, faster, by helping them understand how to position themselves online in a more powerful way.

Two years ago, in June of 2017, Leslie and Sam partnered to create Savour Partnership whose mission it is to help manufacturers, retailers and designers utilize their hard won knowledge and expertise to build 24/7 revenue into their own websites.

Leslie and Sam produce luxury email opt in mini-magazines that have been proven to escalate your ability to collect emails faster, they design, write and produce full scale consumer facing luxury lifestyle digital magazines, ( see www.seasonalliving.com/seasonal-living-magazine for an example and to get your complimentary subscription!), they design ebooks, online courses, digital downloads. etc. All of these publications can be sold separately on your website AND can also contain links that, when clicked, provide you with 24/7 revenue.

Savour Partnership is a wonderful resource for our industry, given Leslie and Sam’s combined 64 years of knowledge of – and experience with -luxury design AND the mass consumer. (Sam is HGTV’s #1 visual content producer, as rated by their audience. He now lives in Paris, full time).

Leslie also runs a popular Facebook Group for interior designers, #DesignWealth, where she helps you understand how to drive the traffic to your websites that makes this strategy successful, as well as where she discusses industry trends and gives you tips on how you can succeed in luxury client acquisition. ( Also: don’t miss the info about her new online course at the bottom of this summary to help you get started Designing Wealth, faster!)

It’s smart business – while you are still working 1 on 1 with your luxury design clients (or your customers if you are a mfg. or retail brand listening) – to #DesignWealth, 24/7, into your website so you are well positioned to maintain your profitability and escalate your financial success far into the future in the wake of the many changes happening in the industry today.

Listen in today, to find out about this dynamic partnership, which is fully committed to helping you learn how to #DesignWealth, 24/7, into your website.

Show Highlights:

  • Taking matters into your own hands by designing 24/7 wealth into your website.
  • There are many ways to layer in making money to your website-  in addition to selling products one-on-one to individual clients – don’t miss learning how.
  • Leslie invites you to join her Design Wealth Facebook group. Design WealthLearn about affiliate marketing, digital downloads, ebooks, online courses and which ones are most profitable..and why.
  • Learn about the products Leslie and Sam provide for their clients.
  • To see the fabulous mini-magazine that Leslie and Sam created for Window Works, go to Window Works.
  • Learn about Leslie’s special offer for her very comprehensive online course, created in partnership with Jenna Gaidusek, called *Design Wealth- How To Set Up, Structure And Market Your Own Online Courses To Maximize Your 24/7 Passive Income.

Info on Savour Partnership

Leslie Carothers and Sam Henderson, Savour Partnership’s principals, came together to form their business collaboration based on their complimentary strengths: Sam’s in graphic design, video production and online photography and Leslie’s in strategic planning for digital success selling to consumers, online copywriting, social media campaign execution, content marketing, and advertising.

They believe that when multiple – beautifully designed – income producing digital assets are layered into a business’ website, it helps businesses build their email list and generate 24/7 revenue in the short term, while, in the long term, building increasingly valuable revenue streams with long term financial value to outside investors.

Savour Partnership’s service offerings include:

Strategic planning.

Affiliate marketing set up and training.

Uniquely branded 4 page mini-magazines, featuring a brand or designer’s own work, that are used as luxury email opt-ins and can also be used as printable marketing collateral. Savour Partnership will design them, and if desired, also write them. These mini-magazines have been proven to escalate the amount of email addresses a designer can collect over what they might already have on their website for this purpose.

Completely custom branded digital downloads that are for sale on your website. These can also include affiliate links and/or ecommerce links.

Completely customized newsletters.

Completely custom branded, full scale consumer facing digital magazines, which can also be printed. See: http://seasonalliving.com/seasonal-living-magazine for an example.

Sophisticated videos and video animations. See http://savourpartnership.com/about to see an example of one of Sam’s gorgeous videos for a food brand.


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Leslie’s email – leslie@savourpartnership.com

SPECIAL OFFER! Save 200.00 on Leslie and Jenna’s very comprehensive online course, called Design Wealth- How To Set Up, Structure and Market Market Your Own Online Courses To Maximize Your 24/7 Passive Income. Buy it now for $297 by  clicking >  Design Wealth and use the code LUANN for your discount!

The course contains videos for each and every step and fun checklists so you have a way to keep track of your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment! Put your knowledge & experience to work making money for YOU, in new ways. Offer your own online courses to #DesignWealth into your life, 24/7!

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