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It’s been a year since I took Process Leads to Profits. I didn’t do the questionnaire after because I didn’t want to provide feedback until I knew how things worked out because I wanted to make sure my feedback was valid.

Since taking your Process Leads to Profits, we're up 800% over this same time last year...
and we've been in a lockdown not being able to go to houses...
and I've been recovering from major spinal surgery...
So, by logic we should be DOWN because we were serving lots and lots of clients this time last year BUT everything has changed!

I'm still not even done with all the processes we need to implement because last year was so rough with my spinal injury (I couldn’t walk or even sit up for the last half of 2020) so I know it'll only get better from here.

But OMG it's working! I've already billed out $100K for the year and it's freaking February...

We’re less than 2 full years in business and had a $100k month. Can you believe that?!?!

We don’t have a huge social media following or a big ads budget it’s been all hustle and process and some great unique package ideas that have come out of the mix as a result of Sara opening our minds to how things can work.

On top of that, we have work in the pipeline for months to come and are doing it all with just the two of us without killing ourselves.

Just wanted to let you know we think about you often and love you and Sara so much for everything you've done. Everyone should take this course. We are so glad we did. ”

–Heather / Student, Process Leads to Profits


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After only two coaching sessions, I have seen huge gains in my business. LuAnn is the real deal. She is caring, encouraging, and the kindness and interest she demonstrates on her show is exactly how she is in person. As a former psychologist, I find the level of insight into human psychology LuAnn possesses related to sales to be truly remarkable. ”

–Claudia, Claudia Josephine Design

The Books

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I’ve been a designer for years, but after a major relocation and ongoing home renovation during the past 2 years, I’ve been on the fence about restarting in my new location. Technology and information information overload is raising my i verwhelm to new heights. But here in The Making of a Well-Designed Business, I see a manual for actually getting down to it and getting some thing done. So much practical information in a logical step by step format, filled with encouragement and common sense examples and exercises, that I feel reenergized and empowered to reinvent my business in my new location.

Some lessons i learned from listening to the podcasts were reinforced in the book, and anybody who can reference “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” in a business manual is my kind of mogul, but what struck me most is the authenticity and integrity that LuAnn lives by. You can’t fake that and it’s what makes her the engaging and successful powerhouse that she is. ”

–Jeri Cerutti, Simply Sophisticated Spaces
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I wish I had this book 20+ years ago when starting my business. With thoughtful and concise information, LuAnn lays out a plan that will have any business owner ready for success. Too often new businesses open without a plan, and failing to plan is planning to fail. This book is perfect for anyone just starting out, OR someone in business for several years. Consistent education and new ideas are an essential part of the framework of any well-designed business, and LuAnn's manual will be an asset to your business-building library. ”

–Elizabeth Scruggs
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Wow LuAnn! This is a great book, worth the read for everyone. Your determination and positive attitude comes through.

You have made it very easy to understand, and very easy for us to follow your step by step action plan for becoming a success in whatever we decide to do in life!
You are so right: "Excellence is a Decision"! ”


The Podcast

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I started listening to your podcast at the end of 2017 when a gal pal and I found ourselves side hustling our way through a giant furniture and accessory package that miraculously dropped into our laps. We had a contract signed before our business license was processed, and a deposit check in hand before we even had a bank account! And then, of course, we had to learn how to run a business while balancing full-time day jobs, households, husbands, and little kids.

Thus began our education...
Need to know what to look for in an accountant? Listen to Luann.
Need ideas about how to run a photo shoot? Listen to Luann.
Lost on how you should structure fees? Listen to Luann!!!

We still have SO much more to learn, but you my dear -- YOU and your podcast, your amazing guests, and your Power Talk Friday Super Heroes... you have been a life-raft of wisdom in a sea of doubt and uncertainty. I am so glad that you have followed this calling, and that you share this amazing resource with us all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Keep up the good work lady! ”

–Margaret, Counter Balance Studio
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Your podcast has given me sea legs as I get my start. Like zillions of #babydesigners, I listen to your podcast religiously. What an INCREDIBLE library of high-value, top-notch resources for all designers—it’s the holy grail. ”

–Audra Samnotra, Social Swan Decor
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LuAnn never ceases to amaze me. She is one of the design industry's greatest leaders; powerful, captivating, and wise. Our industry is greatly improved because she brings us together. It's not just that connection, it's real talk about real business issues. She loves digging into the details, supporting the wins, and inspiring all of us designers. ”

–Sandra Funk, House of Funk
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My trusty little podcast app just informed me (with exploding confetti no less!) that I’ve listened to 278 episodes of A Well Designed Business ?(I mean, I believe it, but maybe I’m just s little TOO into it?! ?). Just wanted to take this moment to say I’ve loved every single one of them and I just love you for doing what you do! Thank you doesn’t cover it. ”

–Gillian, Gillian McAuley Interiors
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I just started my second act as an interior designer after spending almost 30 years as a lawyer (most of that time I worked as a federal prosecutor). I started planning this transition about six months ago and I stumbled upon your podcast. I cannot tell you how helpful your show has been to me! Honestly, it's been invaluable.

Also, I have to compliment you on how GOOD you are at interviewing people. As someone who is a trained professional at asking people questions ( ? ), I have to compliment your skills! I love how you really synthesize the information down and draw out actionable points. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you really provide valuable and interesting content and have helped me take the leap! ”

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LuAnn Nigara is a gem! Refined, beautiful and brilliant. Her ability to take their information and apply it to the every day lives, struggles, and challenges is the most invaluable quality that she brings to the entire industry. Thank you, LuAnn, for everything – appreciate you! ”

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The information LuAnn's guests provide is priceless. From business strategies to marketing tips, it's all there. But what comes across most is a genuine feeling of support. If you're an interior designer, or simply interested in the discipline of home designs, you need to subscribe to LuAnn's podcast. ”

–M_Buckers from United Kingdom
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She asks the questions that anyone would love to ask those who have “made it” or created a successful system in a very conversational, relaxed but very informative way. ”

–Sarah Lynn Brennan
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LuAnn is an exceptional talent in business and in acquiring and interviewing the best design industry talent. She is at once warm, engaging, professional. Her podcasts have been the most profound, empowering and enriching I’ve ever heard. Having discovered her a few months ago, I’m making excuses for road trips so I can listen to the entire backlist. ”

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It is beautifully clear from your show that you research, execute and produce your podcast ​with a passion that is simply amazing.

Your show has helped me enormously in ways that are impossible to mention here. Your grace and perspectives on responsible business have resonated with me profoundly. Before listening to your show, I never fully appreciated the responsibilities I owed myself prior to looking after my clients and their projects. This pause for reflection gained from A Well-Designed Business has reaped dividends personally and professionally for me beyond measure. ”

–Jason Byrne, Jason Byrne Design
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