What Level is Your Design Business?

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Are you a talented designer? Excellent.
Now let's whip your business into shape.

A successful interior design business is 20% design talent and 80% business skills. A Well-Designed Business® fills in the gaps and provides useful and understandable insights from industry leaders.

This is not your average design podcast with run-of-the-mill design tips. LuAnn’s bright, engaging personality steers the conversations with her wildly successful and entertaining guests, so that what you take away is always something specific, palatable and actionable.

Episodes air 2x per week on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and other major podcast platforms.

As a listener, you can improve your business with real, quantifiable results, thanks to useful topics like:

  • How to get clients without a portfolio when you’re new on the scene
  • How to build a team
  • How to use social media to market your firm
  • How to identify your market
  • And why doing all of this will lead to a fuller pipeline
What Level is Your Design Business?