What Level is Your Design Business?

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Jean Stoffer: Work in Harmony Through Every Season of Life

Today With Jean Stoffer: Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today we are joined by the one and only Jean Stoffer. Jean is an award-winning independent designer, star of The Established Home on the Magnolia... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Brook Perdigon: Turning a Creative Passion Into a Thriving Business

Today With Brook Perdigon: Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today I am joined by Brook Perdigon, artist, designer, and owner of  Brook Perdigon Textiles (BPT). Brook emailed me describing her transition... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Deborah Main: A Journey Through Illness to Interior Design

Today with Deborah Main: Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today’s episode is a little bit different than the usual business acumen. We’re diving into Deborah Main’s story of how she became The... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Demetrius Robinson: Show Up & Do The Work

Today with Demetrius Robinson: Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Demetrius Robinson, full-service luxury interior designer and lifestyle brand pro behind At Home With Savvy, shares his secret sauce... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Sarah Von Dreele: When you turn a creative outlet into a career.

Today with Sarah Von Dreele Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, LuAnn is diving into the world of textiles with designer Sarah Von Dreele. Sarah began painting as a creative outlet which soon transformed... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

What Level is Your Design Business?