What Level is Your Design Business?

LuAnn’s Business Topics Include:

Excellence is a Decision (Keynote)

Running a business is more than learning about how it’s done. It’s about making decisions and taking action. Are you thinking or doing?
GOOD FOR: Sales teams, entrepreneurs and college groups

Things I’ve Learned from A Well-Designed Business®

The top 3 practices that efficient, profitable interior design firms have in common. (This presentation can be adapted from ½ hour to 1 hour)
GOOD FOR: Design industry venues, large and small

Setting the Foundation for a Successful Interior Design Firm

Learn about why it’s vital to be a leader in your firm and how you can do that by establishing your company mission and core values.
GOOD FOR: Design industry conventions and expositions

Is Your Interior Design Firm Making Money?

The top 3 systems you need to be profitable, from client acquisition to project completion. (This presentation can be adapted from ½ hour to 1 hour.)
GOOD FOR: Design industry expositions and conventions

Are You Ready to be a Better Business Owner?

Immediate, actionable advice: Three things you can do during this presentation to improve your interior design business.
GOOD FOR: Entrepreneur groups and industry conventions

The Client Experience and Customer Service

Are you providing a truly amazing client experience, or are you just saying that you do? Learn how to tell the difference and why you should care.
GOOD FOR: Sales teams, industry conventions and expositions

And, If You Want to Get Personal:

Car Rides

I know first hand how difficult it is to be the best mom you can be when you have the drive to be a successful entrepreneur. The two are not always compatible and in fact are often at odds with each other. I have 3 tested and proven strategies for creating and maintaining a connection with your kids through the chaos of running a business.
GOOD FOR: Parenting groups and entreprenuers

Business Partnerships: How To Be Successful and Happy

Tensions sometimes run high in every business, but when you add personal relationships to the mix, things can get complicated. Whether your business partner is a friend, relative or your life partner, how you handle the tough conversations can make or break your success. I have partnered with my husband and our cousin for more than 30 years—happily and successfully—and I can share strategies to help you navigate this delicate dynamic.
GOOD FOR: Entrepreneurs

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What Level is Your Design Business?