What Level is Your Design Business?

Jennifer Chukwujekwe: Global Collaboration with Nigerian Designer and Entrepreneur

Episode 981 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Jennifer Chukwujekwe:

Today with Jennifer Chukwujekwe, we’re heading to Nigeria (virtually) to learn about the incredible work she is doing to transform the interior design industry in her home country. As the President of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria and the founder, CEO, and creative director of Jenniez Designs, Jennifer shares her entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving skills as she navigates the unique challenges faced by designers in Africa.

From building a furniture factory to address sourcing issues to starting a school to educate aspiring designers, Jennifer’s resourcefulness knows no bounds. She also offers valuable insights into the cultural nuances of Nigeria’s 250 ethnic groups and how she adapts her design solutions to cater to these diverse needs.

Throughout the episode, Jennifer emphasizes the importance of collaboration and networking within the design community, both locally and internationally. Her call to action is a powerful reminder that by working together, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another, we can all take our businesses to new heights.

Pick It Apart

[13:05] Jennifer discusses the challenges of interior design in Nigeria, and what she is doing to help solve these problems.

[23:48] LuAnn asks Jennifer about her business model and what kind of projects she normally takes on.

[27:49] Jennifer and LuAnn discuss the interior design school Jennifer started, Jenniez Designs, what it offers, and why it is so exciting to have this in Nigeria.

[35:59] Jennifer shocks LuAnn with more entrepreneurial ventures she has developed as solutions for students at her school.

[41:22] Jennifer explains how her design business coaching program works, and discusses common challenges with LuAnn.

[50:15] LuAnn and Jennifer discuss the diversity in Nigeria, with over 250 ethnic groups each with their own language and cultures, and how that impacts design.

[1:05:55] Jennifer shares a common custom in Nigeria and expands on why it is important to be respectful of your clients and their culture.

LuAnn Nigara and Jennifer Chukwujekwe’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I’m on a mission. I just like to solve problems. And I tell people, I only solve problems within the industry. Once it’s outside the industry, I’m not interested…I’m just passionate about the industry. I’m passionate about interior design, and passionate about transforming lives and businesses to interior design.” – Jennifer Chukwujekwe

“I don’t think [anyone] expects each of you to be perfect…But it’s taking the time to understand your client. That’s what the onus is on the design industry — is to not just to make assumptions that this person has the same values and the same beliefs that you do about the items and the colors and the selections.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Jennifer Chukwujekwe

Jennifer  Chukwujekwe is a Wife, Mother, Experienced Interior designer, Author and Coach. The first interior design business coach in Nigeria.

She teaches interior designers how to build, grow and scale their business, so they can make profit, become successful and live a fulfilling life through Design.

She is a three-time graduate of Commercial Interior Design, Business and Branding and Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute UK. She has a first degree in Geology and Masters in Applied Computing and IT from the University of Bedfordshire UK. A Graduate of Entrepreneurial Essentials from Harvard Business School Cohort November 2021.

Prior to coaching, she launched her interior design company- Jenniez Designs.

Connect with Jennifer Chukwujekwe

School website

Design website




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What Level is Your Design Business?