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Fred Berns

Podcasting At Its Best!

“A Well Designed Business” is The gold standard in business education for interior design pros of all levels of experience.

— Fred Berns

Debra Scarpa

Excellent podcast for window treatment professionals!

“Very knowledgeable about how to get your business to the next level! Sales, marketing, productivity, profitability, and more.”

— Debra Scarpa

Tanna Edler

A Tool that has Helped me Run My Business!

“Seriously, The Power Talk Friday Experts has helped me run my business! There are so many valuable tools to digest within these 236 pages you will be jumping for joy!!”

— Tanna Edler

Sue Moran

Perfect Book for Those Starting or Running a Business

“LuAnn's podcast always over-delivers, and so does this book. No fluff here! Whether you’re new to business, or have been in business for a while, it is equally valuable.”

— Sue Moran

Vanessa Redford

Want to Increase Life and Biz Satisfaction?

“The first chapter alone was worth the price of this book. Then chapter 2 sealed the deal! It's a good day when I can find such a valuable "how-to" specifically for my profession.”

— Vanessa Redford

Adam Japko

Her energy and insights underscore her content, no matter what format it is delivered in. LuAnn is one smart cookie.

— Adam Japko

Lindsey Powers

I’ve learned so much important information—how to set up my business, how to brand my business, practical tips, as well as realized my worth as a designer.

— Lindsey Powers