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Power Talk Friday: Brittany Bowen and Ava Vienneau: Unlock the Potential of Your Business Through Brand Photography

Episode 964 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Brittany Bowen and Ava Vienneau

Today on A Well-Designed Business, it is Power Talk Friday and I am joined by Brittany Bowen and Ava Vienneau. Brittany and Ava are the co-founders of Girls at Flourish, a full-service creative photography agency specializing in the luxury home industry. They help interior designers accurately represent their brand through their brand images, which sets them apart from the competition.  We are discussing everything that goes into your brand images, how often you should have photos done, what they should represent, an acceptable balance of real life and professionalism, and more.

Pick It Apart:

[2:50] Brittany and Ava share what it was like working with Rachel Bozsik.

[8:41] How Brittany and Ava do an interior designer’s brand photography when it is somewhere like High Point Market.

[13:08] LuAnn shares how she felt and prepared for her recent branding shoot.

[17:35] Ava explains how they portray a good mixture of “put together” and real.

[23:53] Being intentional with your brand image to help you stand out in an oversaturated market.

[30:50] Examples of image identifiers some designers use to stand out.

[38:10] How to get involved with Girls at Flourish for a High Point session.

LuAnn Nigara, Brittany Bowen and Ava Vienneau’s Ah-Ha Moments

“You should have a good mixture of “perfection” and realness in your photos to help build trust with clients,” – Brittany Bowen

“There are ways to show you’re human and also have a beautifully curated portfolio and headshot,” – Ava Vienneau

“Designers who stand out, consistently show up where you can’t forget their face, color schemes, or style and that’s the key to growth,” Brittany Bowen

More About Brittany Bowen and Ava Vienneau

Brittany Bowen: Brittany has worked with a range of clients from established firms like Studio McGee to those who are up and coming industry leaders. With a degree in photography and over ten years of experience, she is dedicated to serving the up and comers in the interior design, real estate, and home professional world with elevated brand imagery. Today, alongside her co-founder Ava (and very best friend) the duo exclusively supports luxury home professionals who are ready to level up their business and take worrying the stress about photography off their plate. Brittany brings an extra, special “VIP Magic” to her shoots – which is why when you hire Girls at Flourish you’ll have everything taken care of from behind the scenes session prep to the easiest photo shoot you’ll ever have.  In her life outside of photography, she consumes just about any piece of good home design or business advice she can— watching the best shows on HGTV, listening to design or business podcasts, reading books from the experts, and flipping through the pages of design magazines. She has a wonderful husband and two sweet boys, and enjoys travel, yoga, and trying out the latest restaurants.

Ava Vienneau: Ava prides herself as a photographer representing clients featured in AD and Domino and the home industry’s most talented interior designers and top performing realtors, helping them land larger clients, press and ultimately create more opportunities for their business with show stopping brand imagery. With nearly 10 years of experience in her field and extensive training with renowned architectural and interior photographer, Lindsay Salazar, Ava brings a seasoned expertise to each client and project. Ava’s clients lovingly refer to her as their CPO (chief photography officer) as she uplevels their brand vision from ideation to real life. When working with the team at Girls at Flourish, Ava brings a kind, generous and thoughtful understanding about how small businesses work and operate. She is passionate about ensuring the entire creative process is streamlined and seamless. When she isn’t behind the camera, you can find her strolling through antique shops and art galleries, listening to business podcasts, and sipping the finest coffee around.

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