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Power Talk Friday: Sharon Lipovsky: The Power of a Clear Vision in Your Business

Episode 955 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Sharon Lipovsky:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. For today’s Power Talk Friday, I’m sitting down with Sharon Lipovsky, owner of Point Road Studios. Sharon aims to banish the world of limiting mindsets. Sharon has helped many interior designers attain their vision, including taking an aspiring interior designer from idea to seven figure business. Point Road Studios supports human development as a required step to growing both our influence and our bottom lines.

Pick It Apart:

[6:42] Sharon shares an example of her own experience making the mistake of working only towards the outcomes. [17:32] Sharon explains her process of coaching clients on how to obtain their “best thinking. [26:40] Sharon describes the “vision funnel” to get to your end goal.  [30:47] LuAnn and Sharon discuss the importance of listening to your inner voice.  [50:18] The importance of having a diversity of perspectives within your team. [55:05] How Sharon works with interior designers.

LuAnn Nigara and Sharon Lipovsky’s Ah-Ha Moments

“When we lead with vision we can look to the future to get inspired and also look to the past to recognize how your story may be both holding you back and propelling you towards your vision.” – Sharon Lipovsky

“To be able to take action we have to have our ‘best thinking’ of what our vision will look like. Use your vision, including the feelings you get from it, to make the right decisions to keep you on the right track.” – Sharon Lipovsky

“There has to be space for you to recognize when your intuition has gathered the correct data, but also honor and recognize how and when to act upon it.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Sharon Lipovsky

Driven by her personal mission to banish the world of limiting mindsets, Sharon believes that there is nothing stopping you. She leverages her champion listening superpower with clients to spark awareness, shift perspectives and energize the growth process. Her work is informed by her background as a sales and marketing executive, change agent and business owner. Sharon partners with clients ranging from tech-savvy startups and founder-led enterprises to globally-recognized brands and corporate powerhouses. What unites the leaders and teams she supports is that they are reinventing the way we do business. Point Road clients celebrate that focusing on human development is a necessary step to growing both our impact and our bottom lines. Together we really can do more than the sum of our individual parts. You can connect with Sharon every Wednesday on the Design Yourself podcast where she shares tips and inspiration for how to lead a well-designed life. As part of designing her own self, Sharon relocated in 2018 from her native Washington, DC to the Catskills of NY. You can read about her adventures in reimagining home in Dwell and the New York Times. When not stewarding the visions of her clients, you might find Sharon sowing seeds in the garden with her children, delighting in the creative cuisine of her husband or cold plunging with girlfriends.

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