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Power Talk Friday: Fred Berns: The Five Things All Successful People Do

Episode 917 of A Well-Designed Business®
917: Power Talk Friday: Fred Berns: The Five Things All Successful People Do

Today With Fred Berns:

Today on A Well-Designed Business I am joined by Fred Berns. Fred has been on the show many times, and I often refer to him when I talk about finding your Fred Berns Only. Knowing your “only” is essential.

After working in the interior design industry as a business coach, speaker, and copywriter for 35 years, Fred has spent the past five years traveling the world. He visited 33 countries on four continents, and talked to business owners everywhere he went.

Fred has studied the most successful business professionals across many industries around the globe, and he discovered they all share several traits.

Today Fred is here to explain The Five Things these people have in common, along with actionable ways we can bring these habits into our own lives and businesses.

Pick It Apart

[04:07] Fred and LuAnn discuss the first habit: Focus, especially when it comes to your financial goals.

[08:57] Fred explains the second habit: Aim high.

[14:48] Fred and LuAnn revisit the Fred Berns Only and how it relates to the third habit: The personal sale (or selling yourself).

[18:50] Fred shares the details of his coach-call program, where he gives guidance on how to apply these five things to your career and your business.

[20:05] Fred and LuAnn talk about leaving money on the table and the importance of the fourth habit: Know the next step.

[25:59] LuAnn and Fred discuss the fifth habit: Be Persistent

LuAnn Nigara and Fred Berns’s Ah-Ha Moments

“What are the five things you need to do tomorrow? So that when you arrive at your office, or you start work the next day, you have a roadmap, you know what you’re doing, you know what the day calls for.” – Fred Berns

“Success leaves clues.” – Fred Berns “It’s a matter of changing your focus from being afraid of not achieving your goal to figuring out how you can do it.” – Fred Berns

“Think big. Aim high.” – LuAnn Nigara   “Your client wants you to take them by the hand and explain to them what we do next.” – Fred Berns

“Successful people reflect on what they did right, and what they need to learn from and do differently the next time.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Fred Berns

Fred Berns has traveled the world in the five years since he retired from the interior design industry, and he’s learned a lot about small business success in the process.

“Success Shortcuts” has been a key topic of his conversations with entrepreneurs during his travels to 33 countries on four continents.

His international travels mark the latest chapter in a career that included more than 35 years as a business coach, copy writer and speaker in the interior design industry.

During that span, he trained design professionals on how to dramatically increase sales by promoting themselves more effectively. He spoke at design industry events around the world, and coached and wrote bios, website copy and other promotional materials for design professionals from Dallas to Dubai.

At the same time, he published a blog and newsletter that reached thousands of design professionals around the world, and he created a collection of books, videos and other business building resources for the interior design industry.

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Other Resources Mentioned:

Freds’ Coach Call is a one-hour personalized, customized consultation session in which I help design professionals apply The Five Things to their businesses and careers.

The session can also include suggestions on how to upgrade and update their bios and website copy.

Investment: $159.Details: Contact Fred Berns at FredTalks @gmail.com, or 303-589-3013.

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