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Power Talk Friday- Fred Berns- Own Your “Only” Word & Tips to Discover Yours

Episode 174 of A Well-Designed Business®
174: Power Talk Friday- Fred Berns- Own Your “Only” Word & Tips to Discover Yours

The guest on today’s Power Talk Friday is Fred Berns, the only Interior Design Industry Business Coach, and Speaker!

Fred was a Speaker at the Design Blogger’s Conference, held in L.A. In March, where he spoke about how to create your bio, so this show is tagged into the Design Blogger’s Series. This is the fourth time that Fred has appeared on this show and LuAnn is really happy to have him back again because he always brings so much value. (He previously appeared on shows #22, #48, and #96.) Today, Fred will help you to figure out your ‘only‘, so listen in now and find out why it’s so important.

Fred creates personal bios and other promotional materials for design professionals, worldwide. He has had more than twenty-five years of experience, training design professionals and creating their online profiles, website, and social media copy, blogs, and marketing forums. He also offers a wide range of business coaching services, including his High-End Performance Coaching Program, his bio briefing, and his website once over. Listen in to today’s show to find out from Fred how you can really stand out in the marketplace.

Today, Fred talks to LuAnn about:

  • Why it’s so important for you to figure out your ‘only’.
  • How he helps designers to arrive at their ‘only’.
  • Some categories to consider when trying to figure out your ‘only’ phrase.
  • How to be sure that you are really the ‘only’ one when making that claim.
  • How to subtly modify your ‘only phrase’, if necessary.
  • Using the word ‘specializes’ to better describe your ‘only’ and to differentiate yourself.
  • That your ‘only’ doesn’t have to be a big thing.
  • How having an ‘only’ helps you to charge a higher fee.
  • How he helps people to draft letters to inform customers that they are raising their fees.
  • How educating people about your value helps to overcome their resistance to your charging top dollar.
  • Why he encourages you, as a designer, to highlight rather than hide your past.
  • That it’s often the small things that make you unique.
  • Some examples of how you can incorporate your ‘only phrase’ into your bio, to make yourself memorable.
  • Ways for newly graduated designers to set themselves apart.
  • His victory vocabulary.
  • Using the law of attraction to draw the kinds of clients you’d like to work with toward you.
  • That the most financially successful designers are not necessarily the best designers.
  • ‘Only’ is not the only word, but it’s the best one!


Fred’s website: http://www.interiordesignbusiness.net This is where you will find Fred’s The Big Splash Little Cash Marketing Manual.

Go to: http://www.biobriefing.com to sign up for Fred’s promotional Bio Briefing Campaign.

To telephone Fred: 303 589 3013

What Level is Your Design Business?