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Power Talk Friday: Sara Lynn Brennan: Investing in Your Success

Episode 514 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! In this episode, LuAnn recounts the way that Sara Lynn Brennan, from Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, went from being a stranger to her, to someone she treasures as a friend, all in less than two years.

As an entrepreneur, Sara stands out as one of the most unusual LuAnn has met during her entire business career and her podcast journey.

You may have noticed lots of collaboration with Sara over the last few months, and wondered why.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, and LuAnn is eager to share it with you! It has to do with investing in your success.

One of the ways that LuAnn noticed Sara investing in her success was that she steps outside the box by working on things that may have been intimidating or scary. Another way is that Sara has put in the blood, sweat, and tears. A third way that Sara has brought her business to a place of success so quickly is that she invested her dollar bills. When she made money, she evaluated it, and invested money back into her business.

Listen in today to find out what Sara has to share concerning success!

Sara is an entrepreneur, CEO, and Principal Interior Designer at Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors. Sara has become the first and only full-service interior design firm in Waxhaw, North Carolina, who specializes in Transitional Designs, where she and her design-build team take spaces from Bare Bones to Beautiful by utilizing her exclusive, approachable, and stress-free design process, transforming and renovating homes from start to finish.

Sara’s design work has been nationally published six times in the last year including publications such as Romantic Homes, Traditional Home, Window Fashion Vision, and Cottages and Bungalows, who recently offered her a role as a monthly columnist. She’s also been noticed as a rising star among colleagues in the design industry being invited as a guest on podcasts, as a panelist at High Point Market and as a host and speaker at local design events and shows.

Show Highlights:

  • Sara shares how listening to LuAnn’s podcast helped her learn to run her business.
  • Aligning yourself with the people you love and respect and want to be like is pivotal in becoming successful, because you are like the five people you spend the most time with.
  • Understanding the value that you bring to the table inspires confidence.
  • It all comes down to what you planned and what you didn’t plan for, and the expectations that you set. You can look back to see where things went wrong.
  • Sara relates her favorite saying and what it means: “The package is the promise of the process.”
  • Sara takes her own discovery calls because she wants to be the first person a client talks to about her process.
  • Whoever is in this with you – a business partner, a coach – can’t stroke your ego; they have to give you the insights and pushback you need.
  • Hard times in life can teach us the greatest lessons.
  • Understanding yourself as a person will help you to find your passion. This sometimes takes therapy or soul-searching.
  • Learn to “edit” your space and business to create a balance that is sustainable.
  • FYI, LuAnn and Sara will be in Charlotte at the IWCE in March! LuAnn details all the other shows that she and Sara will be showing up at in the coming months.


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