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Wendy Woloshchuk: FaceBook: The Primary Marketing Tool for Her Interior Design Business

Episode 316 of A Well-Designed Business®
316: Wendy Woloshchuk: FaceBook: The Primary Marketing Tool for Her Interior Design Business

Welcome to today’s show! We have Wendy Woloshchuk with us today and she’s the principal of Details Full Service Interiors located in rural western Massachusetts.

Wendy is a real inspiration for designers! She lives and works in a rural area almost two hours away from the nearest design center and yet she’s killing it!

This is because she knows exactly who her ideal client is and she’s claimed it without wasting any time on ideas and pursuits that are not authentic to her client base and all her marketing is intentionally created to attract this client to her every day.

It was really no easy task starting an interior design business in a very small community, in the middle of a recession! Wendy is known for her no-nonsense approach and for her creative style with it’s attention to detail.

Nothing makes her happier than when her clients see how she’s managed to infuse their personalities into the design and they love the finished space! Listen in today and become inspired by Wendy, her business model, and her awesome business acumen.

Wendy opened Details in 2007 after going back to school to learn interior design as her second career in 2005. Details Full-Service Interiors specializes in designing comfortable, personalized homes for busy families who want to make the most of their family time and resources.

Wendy has been using Facebook as her primary marketing tool for the last five years. She shares fun tips and decorating ideas on her Facebook daily live show, The Daily Details, and she has recently started a consumer-facing Facebook group, called The Details Design & Decorating  Club, in order to keep her following and her business growing. Listen in now to find out more about Wendy and the way she runs her rural design business.

Just to let you know- this show is also available as a video presentation on LuAnn’s Youtube channel, A Well- Designed Business.

Show Highlights:

  • How Wendy first got into using Facebook Live consistently for her marketing.
  • Wendy walks through her whole process of pushing through with Facebook Live.
  • Ways to come across naturally and authentically in your videos.
  • How Wendy creates the content for The Daily Details.
  • How Wendy prepares herself for her Monday videos.
  • Ways for you to emulate what Wendy has been doing on Facebook Live.
  • When she really began to experience engagement on Facebook Live.
  • There are people watching you on Facebook that you don’t even know about!
  • Why Wendy chose Facebook as her primary marketing tool.
  • Finding where your ideal client is hanging out on social media.
  • How Wendy found her niche within her community.
  • How Facebook Live makes you more accessible to your ideal market.
  • What it’s like- and some tips for doing business in a rural area.
  • The benefits of building a great relationship with your reps.
  • Some free- and some for-purchase downloads that are available on Wendy’s website. (Some of them are even MyDoma Studio packages.)
  • You can arrange for a consultation with Wendy and you can also purchase pre-paid furniture packages and even accessories via MyDoma Studio.
  • The benefits of having affiliate sites.
  • The DIY package that’s available on Wendy’s website.
  • Ways to build a portfolio on your website.

LuAnn has done a six-show series on the how, the why and the technical aspects of Facebook for business. These shows can be found on her website (http://www.luannnigara.com) in the Social Media and Marketing collection.

For more FB marketing tips please search social media on LuAnn Nigara

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