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Power Talk Friday: John Dupra: Revel Woods: How Creating Meaningful Strategic Partnerships Leads to Success.

Episode 994 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With John Dupra:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. For today’s Sponsored Show, I am so happy to welcome back John Dupra of Revel Woods. 

John also gives great tips on how he has had strategic partnerships in his business from the beginning, which he will even say is why he is still here today. He shares how to leverage those relationships in your business and the tactical strategies to make the most of them and show up as an excellent strategic partner.

There is definitely a “right” way to develop and maintain these relationships, and if you are wondering how, John’s brain is the one you will want to pick on this topic.

LuAnn Nigara and John Dupra’s Ah-Ha Moments:

“Part of what I’ve been able to do and what many successful people do is increase your luck surface area. You’re not going to be able to brute force your way into everything all the time. Sometimes, you will randomly be at an event, a party, or a LuAnn Live, and meet somebody who will change your life and career forever,” – John Dupra

“When you’re within a respectful partnership, you’re doing something for them, and the next day they are doing something for you, and nobody is keeping score.” – LuAnnn Nigara

More About John Dupra

John Dupra (pronounced DU-pray)’s father Craig started in the wood flooring business before John was born as an installer and refinisher, which he did for 24 years before eventually opening his own wholesale wood flooring distribution company in Rochester, NY.

John grew up helping his father when not in school before taking a job for Saint-Gobain, a large materials manufacturing company that made sundries for the flooring industry. He traveled the country as a sales engineer working with flooring contractors for eight years before deciding to join the family business in wholesale distribution.

It was there John saw the need to evolve the industry, by evolving its sales channels. If the correct platform was built, designers would be just as integral a part of the flooring industry as flooring stores. Making flooring a lucrative avenue for the designer, while providing a better experience to their clients. Revel Woods is that platform. Now designers are empowered to add flooring to their projects in a way that’s never been seen before.

His favorite podcast to be on is A Well Designed Business and he doesn’t care who knows it.

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A Big THANK YOU to Today’s Podcast Sponsor:

This episode is sponsored by Revel Woods

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What Level is Your Design Business?