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Power Talk Friday: Duke Renders: Why Successful Design Firms Choose Duke Renders for Their Rendering Projects

Episode 905 of A Well-Designed Business®
905: Power Talk Friday: Duke Renders: Why Successful Design Firms Choose Duke Renders for Their Rendering Projects

Today With Fernando Duque:

Today on A Well-Designed Business I am joined by friend and colleague Fernando Duque, the CEO of Duke Renders. I am also joined by designers Nicole Salceda, from Eye for Pretty, and Elle Odori, founder of Decorelle, who are living proof that using 3D rendering from Duke Renders can uplevel your projects.

Having had Fernando on two times before, we are well aware of his clear process and tremendous success. But we have never heard first hand from one of his clients. It is always nice to hear recommendations from a colleague, and boy do these two recommend Duke Renders. Nicole and Elle share their positive experiences with Duke Renders despite their initial intimidation to give rendering a shot.

Pick It Apart

[3:15] Nicole starts us off with how Duke Renders has personally helped her in her projects.

[7:12] Fernando explains what a designer needs to provide in order for Duke Renders to have detailed renderings.

[17:30] Fernando explains how they can easily use your project management systems, like Mydoma to help formulate your rendering.

[24:54] What to expect with the price of rendering.

[32:55] Nicole shares how she uses rendering for her spec homes.

[43:12] How rendering can not only help your clients visualize a space, but also new ideas from the designer.

[48:15] Fernando’s final thoughts about using Duke Render’s 3D rendering for your projects.

LuAnn Nigara and Fernando Duque’s Ah-Ha Moments

“For our first experience going into rendering I was nervous, but Duke Renders made it easy and really laid it out for us by sending us a template to follow.” – Elle Odori

“When you have the rendering, it gets the client so excited for what’s to come and holds them over.” -Nicole Salceda

“When do you know if it is OK to invest in your business? It is always OK, but it is never going to feel easy.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Fernando Duque

Born in Venezuela, MBA Babson College. Serial Entrepreneur, founded more than 5 companies.

I co founded Duke Renders with my brother Enrique in March 2020 in the middle of COVID 19, since then it has been a skyrocket growth with more than 100 team members today and no outside investment.

We are a 3D Render studio based in beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

We specialize in Interior Design and Architectural photorealistic imaging.

We serve busy Interior Designers with 100% Accurate Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings of their Creative Designs.

We make You and Your Clients feel Proud, Confident and Empowered at Every Single Step of the Design Process.

I live in Tulum with my wife Mina, our newborn daughter Penelope and our doggy Lulu.

Fun Facts:

1. I love going to the beach at 5am and do it every day!

2. Traveled the world backpacking for 2.5 years

3. Loves cooking Moroccan Food for his Moroccan Wife

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This episode is sponsored by Duke Renders. 

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What Level is Your Design Business?