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Chloe Bullock: Conscious Design

Episode 991 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Chloe Bullock:

Today with Chloe Bullock, we explore the world of sustainable and conscious interior design. As an award-winning, B Corp Certified, BIID Registered Interior Designer based in Brighton, UK, Chloe shares her journey from being my first ever coaching client to becoming a pioneer in vegan and sustainable design.

In this episode, Chloe reflects on finding her authentic voice and niche in sustainable design, and we discuss her new book, “Sustainable Interior Design.” Chloe’s passion for educating clients and fellow designers about the power of making conscious choices shines through as she shares insights on embracing the circular economy, supporting local craftsmanship, and aligning personal values with design practice. She emphasizes the ripple effect that even small sustainable choices can have on the industry as a whole.

LuAnn Nigara and Chloe Bullock’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Don’t be afraid to claim your niche. You’re so much louder in a small space — when it’s the space that means something to you.” – LuAnn Nigara

“I think sustainability can be quite complicated, but actually, in places, it’s super simple. And half the time we’re doing a lot of these things already.” – Chloe Bullock

“I don’t want to bring that [misery] to my clients when I can bring them next generation materials…bio based materials, things that are problem solving and beautiful and have lovely storytelling — because we all love to tell a story about the things that we have around us in our homes.” – Chloe Bullock

More About Chloe Bullock

Brighton’s award-winning, B Corp Certified, BIID Registered Interior Designer

Offering advice and design of low impact interiors, products and communities. Working to improve the sustainability of fellow designers work and businesses, and manufacturers on their products.

Working within the circular economy and avoiding the use of animals, delivering healthy spaces centred around the humans using them. Design where nature and humans thrive.

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Chloe’s Book ‘Sustainable Interior Design’ commissioned by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)




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BIID Sustainable Specifying Guide

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Deborah Di Mare’s website: Vegan Design

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