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Mona Nahm: Equitable Design for People and the Planet

Episode 965 of A Well-Designed Business®
965: Mona Nahm: Equitable Design for People and the Planet

Today With Mona Nahm

Today on A Well-Designed business I am so happy to welcome Mona Nahm to the show. Mona is here sharing her incredible journey and her current work designing affordable housing. Mona truly understands how creating spaces with compassion at their core can empower people and allow them the safety and stability to reclaim their lives. Her glass-half-full spirit will leave you inspired. Listen now.

Pick It Apart:

[2:27] Mona shares her story of homelessness as a teenager.

[12:51] Mona and LuAnn reflect on the value of basic education, obtaining degrees, and street smarts.

[21:59] Mona explains how she realized that she wanted to directly impact lives, so she moved away from a career in film to interior design in her 40s.

[38:11] LuAnn asks Mona about her current work in affordable housing.

[59:58] Mona suggests showing up to community meetings to learn about affordable housing in your community if you are interested in this design avenue.

LuAnn Nigara and Mona Nahm’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I just saw people with or without opportunities.” – Mona Nahm

“The circumstances that you were in can create that lack of worth, and that lack of esteem, and so, therefore, you don’t value yourself and then, therefore, you don’t come to a relationship where you expect to be valued. And guess what? When we don’t come to a relationship expecting to be valued—we’re not.” – LuAnn Nigara

“The stability of having a roof over your head gives you the opportunity to have the stability to get the job, and then the stability to save money and get yourself out…It all comes from, first, that safety—a place for them to have a home.” – Mona Nahm

“You have got to get the hope going, and the opportunities for enjoyment, so that you can aspire to do the next thing, right?” – LuAnn Nigara

“If you’re so focused on the difference, you’ll never see the similarities.” – Mona Nahm

“Go where you are rare.” – Mona Nahm

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