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Power Talk Friday: Michelle Rohrer-Lauer: Turning Eco-Friendly Design into a “Green” Bottom Line

Episode 809 of A Well-Designed Business®
809: Power Talk Friday: Michelle Rohrer-Lauer: Turning Eco-Friendly Design into a “Green” Bottom Line

Today With Michelle Rohrer-Lauer:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Have you been noticing brands in all industries going more “green?” Are you wondering how you can contribute as a designer?

Today I am chatting with Michelle Rohrer-Lauer a.k.a “The Green Queen”, owner of Michelle Interiors. Michelle will answer all of your questions on how you can learn about sustainability (clue: her 50 Shades of Green events) and how to sprinkle in eco-friendly design to your clients. Make sure to tune in because sustainability is a growing concept and you don’t want to miss out.

Pick It Apart

[1:45] Michelle explains how sustainability is a growing consumer mandate.

[6:27] Michelle gives advice on how to sprinkle in information to clients.

[23:20] Michelle talks to us about her 50 Shades of Green approach and events.

[31:51] Michelle explains how a designer can learn more about sustainability.

LuAnn Nigara and Michelle Rohrer-Lauer’s Ah-Ha Moments

“You don’t have to be 100% green. You can be 10% green and you’ll still make a difference in your home.” – Michelle Rohrer-Lauer

“I already know that you’re going to make the room pretty, but when you’ve added extra value to it and taught me something that’s something I am going to include in my conversations.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Michelle Rohrer-Lauer:

Award-winning interior designer Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, a.k.a. “The Green Queen,” launched Michelle’s Interiors more than 25 years ago as a part-time, home-based business. Since then, the studio has grown into a bustling, well-respected, firm operating full-time in suburban Chicago.

Michelle’s mission has always been to help her clients live the luxurious lifestyle they imagined, in the broadest sense. Yes, that means top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. But above all, Michelle wants her clients to enjoy the same mindset at home that they experience on vacation: relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

To that philosophy, Michelle adds a passion for sensible, eco-friendly design choices. She calls her approach “50 Shades of Green” because she believes that her clients don’t have to be 100 percent sustainable at home. They can choose any shade of green that fits their lifestyle, because even small changes can produce healthier indoor living and a healthier planet.

As a certified GREENleader and member of the national Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC),  Michelle wants to help improve indoor air quality, protect natural resources, reduce the world’s carbon footprint and rebel against our throw-away society. She calls it a life insurance policy for the future. To further this goal, Michelle has developed a series of events called “50 Shades of Green,” partnering with local builders, landscapers, architects and specialty trades to educate the public about her approach to eco-friendly design.

Among her accolades:

  •  Won “Designer of the Year” award in the 2020 #GetYourGreenOn contest co-sponsored by the Interior Design Society and Sustainable Furnishings Council. Here is her Award-Winning Project
  •   Winner, ASID-IL Design Excellence Awards 2018 to 2021
  •   Member, Sustainable Furnishings Council
  •   Featured in Sheridan Road Magazine, focusing on sustainable design choices for an award-winning home
  •   Featured in Green Building & Design Magazine here: Sustainable Interior Design Tips.
  • Named as the go-to sustainable designer for Lake Home Lifestyles magazine and blog, including  Living the Green Life

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