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    We are about 40%-60%- hard goods-soft goods.
    My seamster Boris works a lot – by choice- it fits with his lifestyle right now.
    So in normal work hours, my fabricator role is more like 1.5 full time people.
    And we outsource about 10% of our total, that he doesn’t have time to do.
    It’s not so much based on size, more on complexity and deadlines.
    I hope this answers your question.
    I’ll look into some of these percentages more to make sure I’m accurate and should have it done of the “people’ module.

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    hi Nikki,
    great questions.
    i decided to go to the trade only around 2013, when my daughter was born.
    for me, it’s a simpler business model.
    i’m used to dealing b2b from my previous corporate experience, i’m more ‘business and to the point, less ‘doesn’t it look wonderful and you’ll feel amazing in the space’ :-). Plus, the back-and-forth on pricing and being shopped around felt really bad for me.
    so for those reasons, the decision was kind of organic and it felt right.
    i charge retail pricing to the designers.
    for example, 1WOM is around $150. plus lining, plus trim, plus hardware, plus install.
    the pricing covers multiple estimates, etc.
    i think you should do what makes financial sense for you. And also pursue what feels good and simple.
    This business is too complicated to make it even more so 🙂

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    Ladies, SOOO happy to hear you loved my flow charts!!! i’m such a geek when it comes to this stuff. Sometimes i think only i care about it. Hearing your feedback, just reaffirms it one more time how valuable it is to put our processes into a visual representation.

    Nikki, thank you for the resource!

    Flow.DrawIo files are uploaded under week 1 resources.

    now let’s all strive for NO yellow!!! 🙂

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    Oh, my goodness, i just logged in and saw how active you guys have been here!
    here’s what we do:
    1. if retail customer, charge the fee $250, applicable towards their order should they place one
    2. if designer, we do not charge a fee
    in all cases, we do EVERYTHING possible to give them a budget estimate before driving anywhere.

    yes about the revisions – the struggle is real! but we do not currently charge additional for them.
    our pricing is pretty high though – you guys will see in class 3, when i show you some of our estimates.


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    hi Nikki,
    these are so great!!! i will give you the roadmap for how i do it, so you can implement it for yourself.
    let’s take a deeper look at your life-balance goals and revers-engineer your work to fit them.
    1. if you were to pick of the five, which one would you want to focus on as your first priority?
    2. which day during the week would you want to do it?
    3. can you see yourself block that day? if not full day, could it be half day?
    4. what would your work look like if you blocked that time for yourself?
    would love to hear from you!

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    hi Myrna,
    thank you so much for sharing your perspective on the first class.
    You’re 100% correct: the process flow charts are the foundation for how we execute many other things in our businesses.
    I love them because they visually capture every step AND because I, as the owner and CEO, can see at a glance what role performs each of those steps.
    would love to hear how you’re going to apply these to your business!

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    hi Lisa,
    so great to hear that you’re seeing the potential!!!
    thank you for asking for the flow chart files and i’m really glad that they piqued your interest.
    i’m happy to share those ONLY if you promise to do something with them 🙂

    there is a terrible statistic that says that only 20% of students actually act on the material and do something with the handouts and resources.
    how sad 🙁
    let’s beat this stat, shall we?

    PS. i’ll send to Diana (university director) to upload into the resources.

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    oh, Sweet Julie! i hear you. i hear the frustration. The angst. The defeat. You are a beautiful person. for what you are. And for helping your family. There are no magic bullets. i will have a few helpful tips for you tomorrow. My heart goes out to you. i’ve been where you are (at half the volume! but it felt the same). So i know it’s possible to dig yourself out. please keep the faith. you are in my thoughts. XOXO


    Thank you so much Jens!
    you’ve hit the nail on the head: my version of the american dream!

    in reply to: Penny for your thoughts? #19039

    Hello everyone!
    i want you to know that i read EVERY word or EVERY message.
    LOVE your sharing, being open, being vulnerable, being transparent.
    LOVE the comradery and support.
    LOVE how this group is gelling together 🙂

    a few thoughts on some of your common themes.

    1. Feeling overwhelmed.
    I hear you. It’s OK. It’s a natural result of new learning. Especially if the learning is brand new and if the learning is deep. This is not superficial. This is not a ‘get this fixed quickly’ kind of learning. This is investing for a long-term future and success. You are being asked to review, reconsider, potentially build or re-build your house from scratch. There is nothing quick, light, or shallow about it. This is a big deal! It is ok to feel overwhelmed. You are exactly in the right place.

    But it doesn’t feel good, you might say. Yes, i hear you on that too. The key is to channel the feeling of being overwhelmed into the productive energy that will carry you forward. How do you do that? Take a nap. Take a breath. Embrace it, don’t resist it. Give it time. Let it marinate it inside you.
    Then create a list. Big, long, comprehensive to-do list. Chip away at it. Start with easiest, smallest, lowest-hanging fruit. Once done, reach for the next lowest-hanging fruit. Allow time. Give yourself grace.

    2. Bandwidth and being concerned about sticking with it.
    You can not do it alone. The faster you accept this, the easier and faster you’ll be on your way. Left to our own devices, we will always take an easier or a more familiar route. To break this pattern, you need to find someone who will hold you accountable, who will guide you, challenge you, and call your BS :-). And i mean really accountable. It could be a spouse. It could be a colleague in the industry. I already see accountability partnerships forming even within this group. Your best bet is getting a business coach who is an outsider and is getting paid to do this for you. That’s what I have always personally done in my course of business.

    3. Excitement about the possibility and gratitude for taking this class.
    Thank you for all of your kind words! Yes, let’s stay in this space. Being excited. Being energized. Being grateful. Just by taking this class, you are years ahead of where i was, where most of your colleagues are, and most importantly, where you were even short 4 weeks ago. You see what’s possible for you now. You see what and how it needs to be done. You have the guides. You have the road-map. You are in a great place. Exactly where you are supposed to be. Exactly at the right time.

    i can’t wait to spend the next two classes with you!

    in reply to: Penny for your thoughts? #18900

    Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable! i hear you: adapting a new system is a LOT. Especially, since it comes in a context of what you’re already doing. So the question becomes – do you scrap what you have OR try to adapt what i’ve taught into what you have. Take the house down to the studs and rebuild OR try to work within existing walls. Take an existing old panel and rework it OR get brand new fabric and fabricate a new drape. i can go on with metaphors :-).

    The one thing i saw in your response to Jens is that you’re getting stuck in ‘what ifs’.
    We are in the custom business.
    There will always be what if’s.
    You can get your template to 80% – then work in the ‘what if’ scenario for the other 20%.
    that’s how our templates are set up.

    Table it for now. Let’s get through next at least two classes. Let it all marinate in your head for a bit. The right decision will present itself.

    in the meantime, i command you finding “low-hanging fruit” area and making incremental improvements where you can as fast as you can!

    great job, lady!

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    hi Jens,
    LOVE all your take-aways so far!
    it will take some time. One step at a time.
    First process flows, then PMS.

    about hiring out: we will talk about how value your time and how much to hire out in this week’s class.


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    hi Julie,
    i think we talked through many of your questions in the last class. i’m happy to answer any others that may come up.
    about my role as a CEO vs. WTS – i plan to talk about it in this week’s class on People and staff.

    in reply to: Process Flows & PMS :-) #18879

    Hi Rosemarie, you need to go on their website and download the app. Just follow the instructions. Yes, it would be downloaded onto your computer. You can pin the icon onto your desktop. Hope this helps!

    in reply to: Process Flows & PMS :-) #18799

    hi Brook,
    i bet the EW conference was great!
    can’t wait to hear all about it…

    what you’re referring to is a normal and common occurrence.
    for various reasons, most of which are very valid.

    we’ll talk more about it in the People class and then in the Mindset class.

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What Level is Your Design Business?