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Getting rid of leftover fabrics

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    Hello everyone,
    I’m very interested to hear what you do with leftover fabrics. I have a closet full of them, way beyond the capacity of any Goodwill or Salvation Army. I know their value and want to find good usage fo them (that’s one of reasons I am a big collector). Would love to hear your ideas!


    hi Olga,
    such good question! i used to keep the left-overs.
    over the years, i accumulated, TONs of them.
    i felt bad throwing them out.
    i kept thinking, that one of these days, i’ll make a pillow out of this beautiful fabric.
    that my friends would want to use for their house.
    That day never came.
    left-overs kept getting dustier and dustier.
    And every time i looked at them, i felt stressed out.
    the energy was draining out of me.
    so one day, i just donated, gave away, and threw out.
    it broke my heart temporarily, but i felt soooo much better after it was all done.

    now, we donate or throw out the leftovers.
    i want to collect nothing.
    the only exception is if it’s a solid. We use solids as piping on valances and cornices.
    it’s a nice addition and designers like it.

    hope this helps!


    We just donated tons of old fabric sample books, leftover fabrics and cardboard tubes to our local elementary school. They were very excited to get it all for science and art projects. Good will also just told me I can donate fabric that is on a roll



    Thank you for that input. I really needed to hear it. Lately, all the “stuff” associated with the workroom is overwhelming. It’s hard for me to think clearly when the workroom isn’t clear. As much as it pains me….it’s time to make a Good Will run!

    I have also had some luck with local Facebook groups and the Facebook Marketplace….but they take up more time to monitor and schedule pickups.




    I recently tackled this same problem when faced with 15 years of accumulated fabric when I purchased my workroom. SO. MUCH. FABRIC. I reached out to SCAD, our local university for creative careers and turns out both the fibers and fashion departments were interested. They sent a panel truck for pickup and we just about filled it top to bottom!

    Our local senior center also expressed interest on our next purge as they use fabrics in craft / sewing projects, as did our local arts academy high school for their annual “found fashion” show.

    Happy purging!


    I’ve gotten better recently about throwing away smaller leftover fabric, under 1 yard. We have a food pantry here that gladly takes the other yardage. They sell it in their thrift store and purchase additional food items, or they donate it to the senior center and children’s organizations for crafts. I’ve also donated to RISD school of design.

    Make no mistake, my stash is still ridiculous.

    Thanks for all these ideas, Amy

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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