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The WHY behind your goal


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    Good Sunday morning, Yogis!!
    This is a reminder about your homework: WHY do you want to achieve your goal?
    Your collective goals, as I summarized them from your intake forms, are:
    1. more organized
    2. better systems
    3. learn to go paperless
    4. work smarter not harder
    5. feel less overwhelmed, which leads to feeling more successful
    6. more efficient
    7. don’t want to reinvent the wheel
    8. learn about the people component of running a business
    9. get work life balance

    Did I miss anything? Does anyone have another goal you’d like to add to this list?

    Now the question is WHY do you want achieve these goals?
    What will it do for your life?
    How will it change your life for the better?
    What will you do that you haven’t done before?
    What is the true meaning you’re putting behind, say, ‘i’d like to be more efficient’
    What does work life balance look like to you?

    Share your Why!
    The more you share, the better your and everyone else’s experience will be.


    My goal for taking this course is to implement a start to finish project management system, which will allow me to:

    – Streamline the proposal process
    – Better provide timely, accurate updates to my clients
    – Be pro-active vs. reactive when issues inevitably arise
    – Position myself as an expert in my niche
    – Attract more of my ideal high value luxury client
    – Command higher prices for my product and services

    All of that will work to move me towards my more personal goals of:
    – Becoming less involved in the daily project management of the business
    – Purchasing a larger historic downtown property
    – Creating jobs for more creatives / makers

    Work life balance for me means:
    – Having more time for connecting with friends and family
    – Reading books for pleasure
    – Floral design and gardening
    – Travel
    – Becoming more involved in my community.


    hi Nikki,
    these are so great!!! i will give you the roadmap for how i do it, so you can implement it for yourself.
    let’s take a deeper look at your life-balance goals and revers-engineer your work to fit them.
    1. if you were to pick of the five, which one would you want to focus on as your first priority?
    2. which day during the week would you want to do it?
    3. can you see yourself block that day? if not full day, could it be half day?
    4. what would your work look like if you blocked that time for yourself?
    would love to hear from you!


    Freedom is my why.
    I want the freedom to run my business until I’m 80 or so. I don’t want to live to 100 and have no daily purpose.
    I want the $ to travel and run my business from afar as well as be relevant when I’m home.
    I know systems and good team members will allow me some of that.


    My big Why is :
    * First and Foremost: I want to find a balance in my life. I have neglected myself and always put myself last on the priority list, I don`’t spend precious time with my children, my husband is completely on the back burner:), I run around all day and bring 100 folders (yes folders!) at home to continue the madness at night because there is not enough hours during the day. I am tired of being tired. I want to reduce the stress , I want to have time to enjoy life.
    * Second: Having said all that, I would like my business to be a success. This is my baby! I want to be Proud of it. I need to be sure it`s running like an oiled mashine.
    * Lastly, I will be less stressed when I know that at any given point, for whatever reason, I can set myself free from this business and not worry that all those years have been watsed because my business is unsellable. Because the way it is right now, I AM the business.


    My goal: run a successful business that supports my family and lifestyle that provides inspiration for other creative business owners to achieve a dream.

    1. Make as much or as little as I want based on where I am in life

    2. Enjoy it

    3. Inspire entrepreneurs to have their own light shine


    Because I enjoy what I do and it helps others. It helps my family. It helps me. It helps my clients. And it helps inspire other entrepreneurs so they can have the same enjoyment out of life while sustaining their own company, employees, and families.


    My goal is to create and implement a system in my business to manage every project that allows me to have balance in between my personal life and business time.
    A system that can be followed by anyone in the team without me all the time, also steps and forms that can be the route and guide for every order to save time and be more effective and productive.

    Identify my ideal client so I can focus more on market to them and be pleased to take the clients I really want to work with.

    Freedom to have me-time.

    Learn how to hire the best team member that my business needs.


    hi ladies,
    great job on sharing your “why’s”!!! now, you didn’t think i was going to let you off easy, did you? :-). More probing questions, here we come…

    Freddie, how much $ do you want to make? do you know that number? get specific about it. Who do you have to have in place to start travelling? Do you travel now – how much more travelling would you like to do? For your goals to be meaningful, they first need to be specific. While they stay nebulous, you’ll never know if you achieved them.

    Vessie, how do you define ‘success’ for your business? is it revenue $, net income $, number of people, number of projects? How much time with your family.
    How many dates with your hubby? What quality time with your kids? Get specific. Put out into the universe exactly what you want. That’s your 1st step.

    Kathy, i love that you want to help people! It’s noble and commendable. Are you willing to work 80hours a week for it? Are you willing to go on 4 appointments a day? are you willing to bring down your pricing? what does “lifestyle that provides inspiration” mean? i love the corporate-speak b/c i myself am a corporate drop-out :-). Talk to us like we are 3-year olds. what makes you giddy? what makes your soul zing? what do you want to do for yourself and your family, once you are a success? and how will you know you got there?

    Alejandra, what does “balance” look like to you? is it days, hours? is it travelling? is it going to a movie? is it shutting down at 5pm? is it taking Fridays off? What does “me” time look like? How much of it would you like to have? Let’s start here.

    you guys, the true WHY is deeper than ‘streamlined systems, etc’. Streamlined systems is HOW you get to your why. The ‘why’ needs to be so strong and compelling that when it gets hard, when you have to make really tough choices, there is no other option than to make them, b/c that’s how badly you want to make to your ‘why’. Keep digging, ladies 🙂 I’m here for you! xo, v


    I need to get more control over my business. I need structure. Lately, every new shiny object diverts my intention. I love being busy but I hate being disorganized. I need a better grasp on my financials.

    I don’t want to work on the weekends.
    I want to quit work at 5pm and make a decent dinner.
    I do not want to have to hire anyone else.
    I want to be available to my sister who just lost her husband quite suddenly.
    I want to spend time with grandchildren who have yet to be conceived. (no pressure girls).
    I want to find a home for all my leftover fabrics.
    If I die, I want my husband to be able to print out a report so he knows exactly the state of every project and what should be done with it.

    I know this doesn’t dig deep enough but it’s hard to really quantify the why.



    My overall goal is to maintain a full time salery while still having time to be mom/wife.

    To enjoy family time with out feeling guilty about the pile of work that isn’t finished yet.
    To stop worring about work things while I’m with family and friends.
    No more dreams about possible mistakes that wake me up at night.
    Feel a sense of accomiplishment at the end of each day, instead of feeling defeted by what didn’t get done.

    I grew up in a family business and I’m ok with the boundries between work and family moving and bluring. Honestly, that is all I know. Work is connected to family and family is connected to work. Arey Design is a family member we talk about and refer to at the dinner table. But, right now Arey Design is taking over my home! I know I need to make a change but I’m not sure what that change is.


    I just realized I never posted my Goals and my Why?

    My Goals are:
    – To take my business to the next level income-wise without sacrifice to my mental state, my health and my home and work familie’s well-being.
    – To make my company very appealing, so people would strive to get hired for, instead of chasing the workers with a torch.
    – To learn and improve, so I can inspire and improve everything and everyone around me

    My Big Why:
    I want to be able to be the real business owner that is not involved in day to day operations, who is wearing 5 hats at the same. I want the business to run on its own like the well oiled machine. I want to have a choice to sell my business if I decide to do so and enjoy my balance family life, traveling, doing philanthropy work around the world and having means to do it.


    I too am just posting my why…had to try hard to verbalize this.

    I’m in a strange business situation. My installer and I operated as a casual partnership. We shared a website. We split a lot of jobs. Not labor, but we shared a lot of our sales because of our expertise in different areas and our long work history together.

    Jim passed away 10 weeks ago rather suddenly. So I’m using this series of webinars/workshops to help me figure out a new direction and new systems that may work better for me.

    My goals are:
    -to become organized enough so that I can find some new subcontract resources for fabrication. I don’t intend to hire employees.
    -to bring my business back to a half million dollar company(and beyond). I downsized several years ago due to illness in my family.
    -to improve my daily workflow
    I’m sure that there is more. But this is my start to my why.
    thank you, Amy


    1. Go Paperless

    2. Streamline Project Management

    3. Professional Image

    4. Healthy Life Balance – Having more time for family & loved ones.


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