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Vitalia Inc. process questions

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    Hello Vita. A few questions on your processes.

    1. How do you handle risk in your process or price since your WTS does not go on every site visit before an estimate?
    2. Do you have a checklist that helps you determine I’d you should visit the site before the estimate? Can you share that decision criteria?
    3. Given that you have a team, what are the rhythms of team meetings you have to review successes (or opportunities) in processes and assess opportunities for improvement?


    hello kathy,
    thank you for your questions!
    1. do you mean “what if the price ends up being higher after the site visit?”. We give them the higher price citing that site measurements are higher than what we were given originally.
    2. we do EVERYTHING possible to not visit the site. We give preliminary budget based on designer emailed specs, pictures, etc. If this estimate aligns with their financial thinking, then we go. This is not always possible, i.e. a whole house of shades, weird window configs, certain motorization jobs, new designer and she has no idea, etc. If it’s not possible, it’s not possible -then we go.
    3. We have a standing Monday afternoon meeting where we go over every line item on the project management report. Additionally, every time there is a mistake, issue, or a challenge, i always ask: is this user error or do we need to change the process. usually, it’s both, so we adjust our process accordingly.
    hope this answers your questions,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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