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Power Talk Friday: Lesley Myrick: Profit Insiders: How Interior Designers Can Leverage Local Marketing

Episode 972 of A Well-Designed Business®
972: Power Talk Friday: Lesley Myrick: Profit Insiders: How Interior Designers Can Leverage Local Marketing

Today With Lesley Myrick:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. For today’s Sponsored Show, I am so happy to welcome back Lesley Myrick of Profit Insiders.

Now, we all know that local business is the backbone of interior design. And yet, our focus often falls primarily or solely on online marketing. But local networking and marketing offer a lot of potential—if you know how to take advantage of opportunities (and measure your success).

Lesley knows that local marketing is about more than joining BNI or your run-of-the-mill networking group. While those organizations can certainly be valuable to your business, Lesley knows that the best way to land local clients is simply by getting out there and meeting people, wherever you might be.

Today, she shares how she makes this work for her (and what you can do to start taking advantage of local opportunities).

Pick It Apart

[5:39] Lesley shares why local marketing is so valuable for interior designers—even more so than for other businesses.

[12:50] LuAnn reflects on the importance of referrals (and why we need to focus on expanding our network).

[23:40] Lesley and LuAnn talk about the value of an elevator pitch, and how to do it the right way.

[33:48] Lesley shares other important local networking opportunities you can put into action for your business (and how to measure your success).

[50:01] Lesley breaks down how Profit Insiders works and how to apply to join.

LuAnn Nigara and Lesley Myrick’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I understand as an introvert myself, it can be uncomfortable—the local marketing side of it. It’s easy to hide behind a computer and do social media posts or spiff up your website and update your portfolio, and I’m not discounting the importance of those things. But local marketing is so important because this is a business and an industry built on relationships.” -Lesley

“We often engage in a behavior unconsciously in our own lives that we then don’t apply to our businesses. Would you find a hairdresser off Google? Probably not. You would probably ask people…and yet we think that’s what’s going to happen for our business.” -LuAnn

More About Lesley Myrick

Lesley Myrick is an adventurous, organized, and enthusiastic interior designer in the Atlanta, Georgia area (and she works with clients all over the US and Canada, too). Lesley is originally from Canada and has lived and worked in Toronto, Ontario; Los Angeles, California; Waco, Texas; and now Macon, Georgia. She earned an honors diploma in interior design from Sheridan College in 2005 and launched Lesley Myrick Art + Design in 2015. She works with high-achieving women who are ambitious, adaptable, and committed to personal and professional growth. Lesley helps these driven women bust out of boring homes and helps new interior designers launch kickass businesses they love.

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A Big Thank You to Today’s Sponsor:

Today’s show was sponsored by Nancy Ganzekaufer and her program Profit Insiders Academy.

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