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Power Talk Friday: Monica Sharma-Patnekar: Your REAL Audience Vs. Your IDEAL Audience; How To Find Them and Keep Them

Episode 925 of A Well-Designed Business®
925: Power Talk Friday: Monica Sharma-Patnekar: Your REAL Audience Vs. Your IDEAL Audience; How To Find Them and Keep Them

Today With Monica Sharma-Patnekar:

Today on A Well-Designed Business I am joined by Monica Sharma-Patnekar, Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO and owner of Business with Monica. We are deep-diving into how to attract your REAL audience, the ones who actually respond to your brand messaging and marketing. Monika explains how to find out what attracted your clients to you. What it was that made them choose you over your competition, what resonated with them in your messaging, and how to keep doing it to get even more clients.

Pick It Apart

[10:26] LuAnn and Monica discuss the importance of even as things change in the market, the key is always knowing who you are reaching out to.

[12:30] The multiple ways that you can determine who your “real” customers are over your “ideal” customers.

[17:00] How designers can ask their clients to have conversations about their business after their service.

[23:03] What to do with our marketing once we know how we obtain our “real” clients.

[25:30] Monica gives us a concrete example of one of her client’s success.

[32:43] Monica runs through her four D’s; Desires over Demographics Framework.

LuAnn Nigara & Monica Sharma-Patnekar’s Ah-Ha Moments

“When talking about customer interviews, remember that people love helping people. They appreciate being seen and heard.” – Monica Sharma-Patnekar

“The key is finding out how you serve your ‘real’ clients at every touchpoint.” – Monica Sharma-Patnekar

“A brand is a feeling and how you make your customers feel at every step of their journey.”  – Monica Sharma-Patnekar

More About Monica Sharma-Patnekar

Monica is Brand & Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO, helping you to elevate your brand. As a customer-centric marketing strategist Monica gives high-touch mentorship for creative business owners who want a clearer, more focused, vision for their brand. To communicate & connect with their REAL audience, without spinning their wheels on messaging, content, ads & tactics that don’t convert. So that they can impact even more people’s lives with their products and services – and feel like they have control over their own.

For Conscious business owners who care about the 5 “P”s (Product, Purpose, People, Planet, & Profit).

Monica has over 18 years of experience building brands. From her masters in business with a major in Marketing, to working with Fortune500 companies, across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing, being hired by Google to coach their premium partners and now working with both larger conscious scale-ups and her passion, coaching creative entrepreneurs.

Monica is Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ An intuitive, creative & analytical thinker. A dancer.⁠ A chai-fanatic. Raised by a single mom in a country that she made her own. A mom of 2 girls.

She brings a diverse & inclusive perspective to the work she does. From having worked with big corporates, scale & start-ups to small businesses, across regions & sectors, to her own very multicultural upbringing.

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What Level is Your Design Business?