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Kate Wood: Discovering and Leaning into Your Niche

Episode 987 of A Well-Designed Business®
987: Kate Wood: Discovering and Leaning into Your Niche

Today With Kate Wood:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Do you find yourself knowing you want a niche but not sure how to determine what makes you special? You’re far from alone—this is where so many designers get hung up. 

Today’s guest, Kate Wood of Worth Preserving, went through this journey. She listened to the podcast, she took in the advice, and she tried to put everything into action, but it just wasn’t clicking together for her. Then she came to me for Chairman of the Board—and it wasn’t long before it became so clear that she was trying to do all the things she thought a designer was supposed to do, without realizing that her strengths and her passions were not traditional design. 

After we tapped into what made Kate truly special, she pivoted her business entirely. She’s here to share how she discovered her niche, embraced her passion, and created something special for herself.

LuAnn Nigara and Kate Wood’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I think it’s about believing in your own magic—what it is that you bring to a project that no one else can. Someone once said, ‘What do you do that can’t be Googled?’ That’s what it’s about.” -Kate

“When my Chairman of the Boards offboard, I ask them, ‘Who’s the next person in your ear?’ Because I believe you do have to keep going, keep coaching.” -LuAnn

“There’s so much knowledge and skill in the design world, and I think that my own sense of insecurity and inadequacy when it came to not having those skills was holding me back. I just had to get over it and really lean into what it is that I do know.” -Kate

More About Kate Wood

Preservation is my passion, rooted in a childhood spent exploring historic sites; an education in archaeology, anthropology, urban planning and historic preservation; and over 15 years’ experience as the CEO of a major organization advocating for New York City landmarks. I earned two Master’s degrees from Columbia University, where I have taught preservation planning, advocacy and law.

I co-authored the book, Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York, published in two editions by Monacelli Press. I am also a licensed real estate broker.

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