What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: Rachael Bozsik Johanson: Leveraging Your Superpower to Attract Dream Interior Design Clients

Episode 982 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Rachael Bozsik Johanson:

Hi, welcome to a Well Designed Business. It’s Power Talk Friday.  We all know by now that we should niche, but the struggle lies in the how. What IS my only? What IS my superpower? How do I figure it out?  And that’s where my guest today, Rachael Bozsik Johanson, really shines. Her superpower is finding the superpower of others and teaching them how to use it to elevate their business, their services, their marketing, and their sales process.  Today, Rachael is here to share how to discover that superpower of yours, and more specifically how to take it and use it to land the right clients, market yourself strategically, and transition to the true luxury market.

Pick It Apart

[1:50]: Rachael and LuAnn talk about the “5% tweak” that changes the game for branding, messaging, and positioning.

[13:46]: Rachael unpacks how to transition from the “general practitioner” to valued specialist.

[18:45]: Rachael and LuAnn discuss how to tap into your past experiences to discover the special something you’re sitting on.

[24:43] Rachael highlights how to use your superpower to craft your messaging, services, and processes.

[46:55] Rachael and LuAnn talk about the power of standing out (and how to do it right).

[57:06] Rachael shares how to use your superpower to attract clients, including leveraging partnerships. 

LuAnn Nigara and Rachael Bozsik Johanson’s Ah-Ha Moments

“A lot of the women I work with aren’t clear on their story. And how can you expect your clients to get clear on your story if you aren’t clear on it yourself?” -Rachael

“The level of detail and research that you do, and the level of what’s included in the ultimate deliverable when you work with you is incomprehensible actually.” -LuAnn

More About Rachael Bozsik Johanson

Rachael Bozsik Johanson is an international keynote speaker and Thought Leadership Coach for female entrepreneurs within the creative field.

It is Rachael’s mission to empower entrepreneurial women to position themselves as world-class thought leaders and public figures in their niche via the press, paid speaking, and partnerships. Think – a feature in Arch Digest, mic at High Point Market, and Partnership with Loloi. Rachael’s clients include award-winning interior designers, HGTV personalities, and internationally recognized creatives.

Rachael has been applauded for her work in numerous international publications as a top-tier expert in elite brand positioning in 40 national outlets including Forbes, Glamour, Business Insider etc.. Through her work as a professional speaker, she has empowered close to 100,000+ women on stages including Harvard Business School, Design Influencers Conference, (ASID) American Society of Interior Designers NYC, IIDA, Cornell, Bermuda’s SBA, SPANX HQ just to name a few. She has also had the opportunity to partner with incredible brands including Oprah’s Leadership Academy, Loreal, Sephora, Kendra Scott etc.

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