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Power Talk Friday with Katie Krimitsos: A Well-Designed Life = A Well-Designed Business

Episode 984 of A Well-Designed Business®
984: Power Talk Friday with Katie Krimitsos: A Well-Designed Life = A Well-Designed Business

Today With Katie Krimitsos:

Today with Katie Krimitsos, we explore the transformative power of meditation and mindfulness, especially for entrepreneurs. As the founder of the Women’s Meditation Network, Katie shares her personal journey of using meditation to navigate the challenges of life, motherhood and entrepreneurship. In this episode, Katie dives deep into the practical tools and strategies she uses to stay grounded and focused, even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. From the importance of creating space for self-reflection to the power of listening to your intuition, Katie offers insights for creating a well-designed life and a thriving business that truly align with your purpose.

Pick It Apart

[00:55] LuAnn shares the story of how she first met Katie at a podcasting conference in 2016 and how their friendship has evolved.

[05:33] Katie explains how her meditation podcasts provide tools for women to get to know themselves, listen to their intuition, and make decisions to build a well-designed life and business.

[12:20] Katie reads the beginning of a raw, relatable meditation she wrote about losing her temper with her child, illustrating how she creates meditations to help women process real-life experiences and emotions.

[20:58] LuAnn and Katie discuss the importance of asking for help and support when you need it, and being willing to receive it, as Katie shares an example from her own life.

[25:53] Katie and LuAnn explore the idea of using meditation as a tool for self-discovery and making space to hear your inner voice, not just for relaxation or sleep.

[34:44] Katie emphasizes that our seasons change and our needs change, especially as entrepreneurs, encouraging finding what works for you in each moment.

LuAnn Nigara and Katie Krimitsos’s Ah-Ha Moments

“[Meditation] is is a tool for self awareness that allows us to not be held down by the guilt or the shame of what it was and the humaneness that we’re experiencing in moments, and allows us instead to open a space to this deep spiritual person that we are, and it allows that intuition to speak to us. And then we can then move forward based on what that intuition tells us, because she’s always right.” – Katie Krimitsos

“Taking time for…meditation exploration — that’s giving the place in my mind for all of the thoughts that come during all of those activities to show up…the really important things that my goddess voice wants me to know will bubble up in that complete quiet and rest.” – LuAnn Nigara

“In that recognition that you are the observer of the thoughts and not the thoughts themselves, there’s an enormous amount of space that gets created there — this sort of separation…So it just allows space for that voice to start coming through and start having you pay attention to it or having you having it guide you to whatever needs to be done.” – Katie Krimitsos

More About Katie Krimitsos

The new beginning of the Women’s Meditation Network began when Katie was going through a painful ending. She had just discovered she was pregnant with her second daughter and all of a sudden, she knew the podcast and business she had been running was no longer for her. Confused and uncertain, she slowed down and got quiet. Within that quiet, the Women’s Meditation Network – and her daughter -was born in 2018.

Never perfect and always real, Katie has been using meditation as a tool to come within so she can create an intentional life. She’s a mom of two incredible daughters, wife to a soulful husband, and loves animals so much, she won’t kill a bug. Most of her wisdom has come from the depths of pain, and her writing seeks to connect us all in this human experience.

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