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Power Talk Friday: Katie McDonald: How to Prioritize Your Well-being in Your Interior Design Business

Episode 974 of A Well-Designed Business®
974: Power Talk Friday: Katie McDonald: How to Prioritize Your Well-being in Your Interior Design Business

Today With Katie McDonald

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m excited to welcome back Katie McDonald, certified holistic health coach and instructor at b.nourished.  As entrepreneurs, we do have a tendency to put ourselves on the backburner, focusing our time and attention on the needs of the business. But if we’re not creating something sustainable—if we’re heading toward burnout, are we really creating well-designed businesses?  It can feel as if we need to justify rest, justify taking time for ourselves, Katie’s take is that we need to view taking care of ourselves in a whole new light—and today she and I are diving deep into the philosophical questions of creativity, well-being, and the way we are intertwined with the business.

Pick It Apart:

[0:02] Katie discusses how our well-being is interwoven into the business—and why taking care of ourselves isn’t a luxury.

[5:47] LuAnn and Katie unpack the guilt entrepreneurs often feel for taking free time to rest and reset.

[12:13] Katie talks about how creativity requires rest, stillness, and space.

[17:23] LuAnn and Katie talk about what rest might look like for different people (and why that’s okay).

[29:10] Katie offers practical places to start when committing to self-care.

[38:58] Katie and LuAnn reflect on the business benefits of taking care of ourselves.

LuAnn Nigara and Katie McDonald’s Ah-Ha Moments

“The only thing that will create change is our commitment to change—our willingness to look ourselves in the eyes, look at our hear, and say, ‘Something doesn’t feel right.’” -Katie

“We’re always thinking about the future or the next big thing for our business. But in our personal lives, we’re willing to accept mediocrity.” -Katie

“Our well-being is our fuel—the engine for our business.” -LuAnn

More About Katie McDonald

Over a decade ago, the demands of Katie McDonald’s corporate career occupied her every waking moment. She was left feeling depleted and depressed—suffering from spiraling mental and physical health crises that threatened her life.

Left with no choice but to transform her body-mind relationship, Katie abandoned her corporate job and finally started applying her knowledge of self-care, alternative health, and plant-based nutrition.

Since then, Katie has been on a revitalizing journey of lifelong self-care.

Fully recovered from years of self-neglect, Katie now helps fellow doers embrace self-care so they can do more and be more while leading healthier, more intentional, and more nourished lives.

Katie leads with tough love to inspire, empower, and challenge audiences. She dispels the destructive myth that self-care is an obstacle to productivity and teaches that self-care is, in fact, a tool to create a more powerful and impactful legacy.

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