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Jennifer Ma: The Path isn’t Always Straight and That’s OK

Episode 952 of A Well-Designed Business®
952: Jennifer Ma: The Path isn’t Always Straight and That’s OK

Today With Jennifer Ma:

Today, on A Well-Designed Business, I am joined by Jennifer Ma of Dwell & Oak Interior Design Studio. Before she became an interior designer, Jennifer was a competitive swimmer, a chef, and a nursing student. She also worked in luxury beauty marketing and owned a kickboxing franchise. Jennifer put her heart and soul into each venture, and took away valuable experiences that have helped her business thrive. She believes that with determination, you can pivot your career toward the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned. Listen now to hear her inspiring story.

Pick It Apart:

[1:46] Jennifer talks about her winding path from competitive swimming to culinary school and nursing school, along with the lessons each venture brought her.

[8:21] As Jennifer discusses what she makes time for in her business during downtime, LuAnn asks if she allows time for self-care.

[15:35] Jennifer shares an emotional story of learning resilience.

[21:39] Jennifer explains how the Good Guy Clause helped when she closed her fitness business.

[27:03] LuAnn and Jennifer discuss going viral on Instagram, and Jennifer shares her best advice for getting more engagement.

[42:04] Jennifer recounts how she learned the importance of client experience from her kickboxing business.

LuAnn Nigara and Jennifer Ma’s Ah-Ha Moments

“If I really, really don’t feel it in my heart and in my gut, that it’s okay to quit something after you’ve tried and put everything into it.” – Jennifer Ma   “What you put out there is what you’re going to receive back.” – Jennifer Ma   “The fact that you can pull a very tangible life lesson out of each is, I think, the only way we get through things like this. It’s the only way we get up in the morning and are willing to face the next possibly difficult thing that we have no idea that’s coming at us.” – LuAnn Nigara “You have to show up for yourself, and you can do it. There is no straight path to your fulfilling career.” – Jennifer Ma “The difference between success by intention and success by accident or success eluding us is that review—that consistent, constant review…each time you’re going through a phase of life.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Jennifer Ma

After moving into a brand new build home in San Diego, Jennifer started an Instagram account to document her love for customizing and decorating her home. Jennifer’s goal was simple: Create a space that was inspired, beautiful, & that her family loved to be in.

As Jennifer’s online readership grew, so did her requests for interior design projects. Soon, she was being asked to design spaces–and entire homes–by online fans & followers from across the country. With that, Dwell & Oak was born; a full-scale design company grounded in Jen’s firm belief that a home must be both beautiful and comfortable.

In the years prior to launching her design company, Jennifer had already built and owned a thriving kickboxing franchise business from the ground up after being 12 years in luxury beauty marketing in NYC. Her success came from her commitment to excellence and appreciation for the client experience. This same talent, attention to detail, and entrepreneurial “can do” attitude has all helped her interior design business grow.

Today, Jennifer remains committed to creating beautiful spaces that celebrate family, foster togetherness & connection, and are designed for everyday living.

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