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Kate Figler: Begin Where You Mean To Go: Secrets & Risks of Accelerated Business Growth

Episode 920 of A Well-Designed Business®
920: Kate Figler: Begin Where You Mean To Go: Secrets & Risks of Accelerated Business Growth

Today With Kate Figler:

A Well-Designed Business. Today I have with me Kate Figler, of Kate Figler Interiors. After moving her firm from the northeast to Nashville, Kate exponentially rebuilt and expanded her clientele and became a well-established design name. Kate has this motto that I was excited to dive into with her that can hint: increase your success and profitability.

Listen, to my chat with Kate on the beneficial meaning of “Begin Where You Mean To Go.”

Pick It Apart

[1:51] Kate explains what she means by “Begin as you mean to go.”

[13:55] How Kate developed her processes and procedures off the bat.

[18:00] Kate’s advice in handling client onboarding.

[29:55] Explaining to the client that things may happen, but giving them comfort that you are prepared for anything and in control.

[37:40] Make sure your clients know that you respect the trades.

[40:35] Kate explains her philosophy on chasing opportunities.

LuAnn Nigara and Kate Figler’s Ah-Ha Moments

“A lot of people feel intimidated by the business aspect of this industry. Don’t be. You can learn it. There are millions of people out there you can reach out to. And if it isn’t making sense to you from one person, you can call someone else. Keep going until it makes sense to you.” – Kate Figler “Begin where you mean to go to means that getting it done ahead of time ensures that you’re ready for when the train starts to go,” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Kate Figler

Kate Figler is a Nashville-based designer who specializes in layered and timeless interiors that speak to her clients’ unique personalities and taste. A lover of color and pattern, Kate strives to create spaces that mix luxurious fabrics, natural textures, and both traditional and contemporary elements.  A graduate of Georgetown and Columbia Universities, Kate originally pursued a career in elementary education as a kindergarten teacher. However, after several back-to-back moves, she discovered her passion for renovating and decorating homes. As a mother of three children, she understands the importance of merging beautiful design with functionality — a practice she believes defines her approach. Kate comes from a long line of family-run businesses, and her years spent working in her mother’s restaurant instilled the responsibility she feels to her clients and their overall experience. She commits fully to her projects, striving to make them fun, efficient and collaborative.

While born and raised in New England, Kate’s relocation to Nashville helped distinguish her style and aesthetic. Her rooms blend both the charm of the Northeast and the tradition of the South. You’ll see a mix of elegant antiques, gorgeous textiles, and fresh interpretations of classic designs that all work together to make her rooms one of a kind.

Kate’s work has been seen in Nashville Lifestyles magazine where she was named one of Nashville’s “Up and Coming Designers” in 2021.

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