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Power Talk Friday: Deb Mitchell: Attract the Right Clients With Stand-Out Copy

Episode 574 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, it’s Power Talk Friday! LuAnn shares a conversation with Deb Mitchell on today’s show. You may know Deb on Instagram as DesignWriterDeb. She’s a writer specializing in serving interior designers. Did you know that your own writing style can differentiate yourself from other designers in the way it reflects your personality and your style? And that the most impactful way of writing speaks to the client? Listen in for tips on how you can make this happen, or how you can work with Deb if you’re needing a little extra help in communicating effectively with your ideal client.

Deb Mitchell’s career as a professional writer began when she responded to an ad in a local Charlotte, NC magazine seeking volunteers for a readers’ panel. On a tour of the magazine’s offices with the other selected panelists, the idea for an article came to her and when she mentioned it to the editors, they hired her on the spot as a writer. Nearly ten years and hundreds of articles later, Deb decided to blend her design feature writing experience with her pre-writing career experience in high-end retail sales to help interior designers move their businesses forward with strategic copywriting and content marketing services.

Today, Deb’s client list is ever growing with designers at nearly every stage of business. Most recently, she’s joined forces with two experts, a branding designer and a website developer, to offer designers an all-in-one option for fully custom designed and copywritten WordPress websites.

Deb has by-lined articles in publications such as Casual Living, Design Texas, Lake Norman Magazine, and Today’s Charlotte Woman, and on The Renegade Writer blog. Her ghostwriting has appeared in dozens of top shelter publications and design blogs.

Show Highlights:

  • Start the writing process with getting to know your clients. What do

they care about?

  • When writing, differentiate yourself by considering how you are

different from your colleague in aesthetic, processes, delivery of

services, and personality.

  • Make your writing reflective of you. Don’t write a bio that’s so vanilla

we can substitute another designer’s name for yours.

  • Don’t be intimidated about writing. Get your ideas out of your head

and get someone to take a look at your copy and help with editing.

  • Create a “messaging” folder – it’s a living document used to hold your

core words, thoughts, and phrases. Add to it as you come up with copy that helps

define you and will resonate with your clients. Start by finishing these


  • I believe my clients deserve…
  • I believe my clients should experience…
  • When speaking about me, someone said…
  • To create consistent messaging, refer to this file when writing your

social media, creating a new web page, or preparing to speak on a


  • Read your reviews to get ideas and reflect the language your clients


  • LuAnn and Deb cover the services that Deb offers.

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What Level is Your Design Business?