What Level is Your Design Business?

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Susan Wintersteen: Interior design firm standards in a nonprofit passion project

Today with Susan Wintersteen Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Susan Wintersteen, one of my first-year podcast guests, is back on A Well-Designed Business, to share tips on business growth and the importance... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Kathleen Jennison: From Trauma to Triumph in Interior Design

Today with Kathleen Jennison Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Some of us come into this business because we’re naturally-born creatives that never imagined doing anything else. Others spend time... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Power Talk Friday: Braden Drake: Quit Being Afraid of Your Tax Attorney

Today with Braden Drake: Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Braden Drake of Unf*uck Your Biz podcast is a California tax attorney specializing in helping creatives made sense of business finances and... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

What Level is Your Design Business?