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Jamie Gasparovic: How Investing In Your Business Can Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

Episode 973 of A Well-Designed Business®
973: Jamie Gasparovic: How Investing In Your Business Can Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

Today With Jamie Gasparovic

Hi, welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today, I am joined by Jamie Gasparovic, Founder and Principal Designer of Studio Gaspo, a boutique full-service interior design firm. Have you ever had imposter syndrome? Join the club. Jamie has a little secret to combating imposter syndrome, and that is to invest in your business.  Jamie has spent thousands in investments for her business. Six figures in the last year, to be more specific. Before you drop your jaw, listen in to hear all of the value and advice Jamie has to give on investing in yourself

Pick It Apart:

[11:51] Jamie explains how investing in your business can combat imposter syndrome.

[17:35] Jamie is proactive in preventing imposter syndrome, which always seems to come up, by making consistent investments.

[22:28] Jamie shares her takeaways from Sandra Funk’s Interior Design Standard.

[27:16] Benefitting from just being in the room at an event and making connections.

[34:20] Jamie shares the tangible things she has learned from the programs/courses she has invested in.

[42:35] How Jamie decides what kind of investments to make.

[46:24] Jamie’s advice for those who are nervous about making that “big investment.”

LuAnn Nigara and Jamie Gasparovic’s Ah-Ha Moments

“When designers ask me if an investment I made was worth it and I say it is. I have a hard time regretting anything because I have a takeaway from everything I have invested in.” – Jamie Gasparovic

“Hearing something in business that you are already familiar with can hit differently when someone else explains it and presents it differently.” – Jamie Gasparovic

More About Jamie Gasparovic

Jamie Gasparovic is the dynamic Founder and Principal Designer behind her boutique full-service interior design firm, Studio Gaspo. Recently, her moody modern aesthetic has been celebrated by Forbes, Architectural Digest, Homes & Gardens, and Apartment Therapy. With close to a decade of expertise in luxury, large-scale construction ranging from new builds to full-scope renovations, Jamie has created a powerful name for herself in Central Florida. Her robust client list includes professional athletes, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives and busy professionals. Today, she frequently partners with prominent builders and architects to design turnkey properties from floor plans to furnishings.

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