What Level is Your Design Business?

Jenny Yi: Discovering a Business When Your Life Is Falling Apart

Episode 995 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Jenny Yi:

Hi, welcome to a Well-Designed Business. I talk a lot on the show about goals, drive, motivation, and having a willingness to just go out and make things happen. But what about when that doesn’t feel possible?

What about when your life is in a crisis, or you’re struggling with your mental health, or it feels like work just to get out of bed, let alone tackle the long list of things to do that entrepreneurship requires? That is a different beast altogether—and it’s a beast that my guest today, Jenny Yi, understands all too well.

Jenny’s story is a powerful one—one that I think we all need to hear, but one that is especially important for any of you out there who are struggling, whether life has just kicked you down or you’re coping with something heavy.

LuAnn Nigara and Jenny Yi’s Ah-Ha Moments

“You were telling me all the things you do in the Jenny Yi empire. But then you got quiet and you said, ‘but It’s important to me to give the path of ownership and entrepreneurship to somebody else who’s out there that wants the control of our own destiny.’” -LuAnn

“There’s one thing I want your listeners to understand and know that it doesn’t matter where you are right now—it gets better. Life gets good, even when you can’t see it, even when you can’t imagine it, even when you can’t predict it, even when people talk about how to envision good lives and you just can’t.” -Jenny

More About Jenny Yi

Jenny Yi is a vibrant traveling designer who has taken the world of hospitality by storm. With a discerning eye for transforming hotels and Airbnb spaces, Jenny’s firm specializes in makeovers that captivate guests and leave them yearning for more. Her three-figure portfolio showcases her unrivaled talent in crafting unforgettable experiences through innovative design.

Not only has Jenny made her mark in the industry with her makeovers, but she has also expanded her influence with her very own hospitality bedding line, setting the standard for luxurious comfort and problem-solving automation for hosts. Her exceptional work has been featured on platforms such as Biggerpockets, Millennial Millionaire, STR Insider, and Voyage, cementing her reputation as a go-to expert in the field. With a growing following of 50,000 loyal admirers, Jenny’s designs have inspired countless individuals to reimagine their own spaces.

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What Level is Your Design Business?