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Leah Meyer Perez: Overcoming Fears and Insecurities

Episode 523 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! LuAnn brings you a very special conversation today, one that may hit very close to home for many of us; mental illness. Bearing that in mind, I must also say that this show was recorded months ago before the word COVID 19 was even legitimately on our radar. Even though the topic of mental illness can be sensitive, it’s important to talk about it.  Whether mental illness affects us personally or affects one of our loved ones, you’re not going to want to miss this intimate talk.

LuAnn’s guest is Leah M. Meyer Perez, and Leah will be sharing how she overcame her own internal struggles while trying to run a business. She wants to share her story and bring it out in the open so that we as a community don’t have to feel embarrassed about asking for help. She encourages an environment of support and care for each other.

Leah M. Meyer Perez is the CEO/Principal Designer of Leah May Interior Design. Like so many of you, from an early age Leah was creative and had a natural talent for interiors. From her artistic flair in art class to tinkering in the garage with her Father, Leah’s path was destined for design.

Leah has earned an extensive knowledge of fabrics and furniture by working for several boutique interior firms including a custom furniture workshop and drapery workroom.

In 2014, taking a leap of faith, Leah opened her residential interior design firm and as you will learn today, Leah has had to overcome more than simply understanding marketing, bookkeeping, and pipeline building in order to be successful.

If you are listening and you are struggling with serious thoughts of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, or isolation, there is no podcast for that. Please reach out, and have a friend help you find qualified help. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled and like Leah, with true professional therapy, it IS possible.

Show Highlights:

  • First: It’s Ok to have fears and insecurities. You just have to find the courage to talk to somebody about them and work through them.
  • Leah shares how her symptoms of mental illness manifested in her personal and business lives.
  • Understand self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors by learning to be self-aware.
  • Therapy can help you discover the heart of the issues.
  • Learning that she was a negative person and realizing that she had to start being grateful was a turning point in Leah’s life.
  • Appreciate all of the things you’re good at doing.
  • Leah strives to push past the fear of talking about mental illness.
  • What other people think of you does NOT define you.
  • You must be open to help.
  • You cannot change another person, but you can learn to change how you respond to a person.
  • You never know what another person is going through.
  • Share a high-five with someone who you think could use it, and if you’re inclined, tell someone you talk with today something nice so that they have a positive thought in their head when you part.


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