What Level is Your Design Business?

Andrea Liebross: It’s Not Big Clients — It’s BIG THINKING That Creates Success

Episode 966 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Andrea Liebross

Today on A Well-Designed Business, I am joined by certified business and life coach Andrea Liebross, who is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs discover their inner potential and redefine success. Andrea is also the author of the bestselling book, “She Thinks Big” and host of the podcast, “Time to Level Up.” Today she is teaching us how to get out of the messy middle and move into the extraordinary with BIG THINKING. Tune in to learn Andrea’s 5 keys to becoming a big thinker. It’s all about TRUST!

Pick It Apart

[1:21] Andrea and discuss what it means to thinking big.

[6:09] Andrea introduce her acronym TRUST.

[17:50] LuAnn tells a story from Window Works about embracing uncertainty

[38:59] LuAnn and Andrea talk about how to move forward at a steady pace as a big thinker.

[48:00] Andrea shares that the messy middle occurs at different stages of your business, how to grow through these transitions, and why having a community is important to not getting stuck here.

LuAnn Nigara and Andrea Liebross’s Ah-Ha Moments

“That future you all she’s filled with is enthusiasm, and wisdom and knowledge. So big thinking comes from a different place than today. It comes from that future you.” – Andrea Liebross

“A big thinker isn’t immune to limiting thoughts, a big thinker just understands, ‘oh, I can choose to put that one aside and have a different thought about this,’” – LuAnn Nigara

“There are times when you’re set up in every way for a great opportunity, except the money. And if it’s a really good calculated opportunity, you can’t not do it because of the money.” – LuAnn Nigara

“You’ve got to have monetary support. You’ve got to have life support. You’ve got to have business support, and you also have to have time support—you have to have protected time.” Andrea Liebross

“[Big thinking] is like the big umbrella. And then you need the tools, the strategy, the system’s below to support that big thinking.” – Andrea Liebross

“Your business is only going to grow at the rate that you’re growing personally.” – Andrea Liebross

“The messy middle is always there, but it’s navigating it with more efficiency and more clarity, and more more speed.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Andrea Liebross

After graduating from Dartmouth College and marrying the guy that lived down the hall, Andrea Liebross and her husband packed up the 1980s red Cadillac, left the northeast, and eventually made their way to the midwest city known for the Indianapolis 500. Over the last few decades, Andrea has started 3 successful businesses, all while raising two kids, now ages 20 and 17, and several giant puppies. As a certified business and life coach, Andrea’s known for helping high-achieving women make the shift from overwhelm to freedom in both their personal and professional life. Her goal is to guide these bold, ambitious women to create their own custom secret sauce for success by combining just two ingredients – the right mindset and solid systems. Andrea believes every problem is solvable and every dream is possible IF you make it all simple, doable and FUN (even the systems).

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What Level is Your Design Business?