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Erica Reiner: Make More Green by Going Green

Episode 729 of A Well-Designed Business®
729: Erica Reiner: Make More Green by Going Green

Today with Erica Reiner

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Erica Reiner of Eco Method Interiors niched down and rebranded after a few years in business. Learn what prompted her big change, what she does when the scarcity mindset strikes, and how her business has changed since she stopped trying to be everything to everyone.

Pick it apart:

[4:04] Erica shares what prompted her rebrand

[10:15] Erica shares her struggle with her scarcity mindset

[24:50] Erica advises about sourcing green products

[34:28] Erica tells about variable standards for green products

[42:50] Erica shares her thoughts about the link between environmental and social justice

[49:42] Erica and LuAnn speak about niching and overcoming the scarcity mindset

LuAnn and Erica Reiner’s Ah-Ha moments:

“Set up expectations early and often.” – Erica Reiner

“You have to figure out what is important to you and what is going to motivate you when it gets tricky and tough”. – Erica Reiner

“If you do something from your heart and explain your reasons why, no one can compete with that.”  – LuAnn Nigara

More about Erica Reiner:

Erica Reiner is the owner / principal designer of Eco Method Interiors, where her company helps people transform their space, health, and the planet. As an inspired interior designer specializing in cleaner and greener spaces, Erica truly can’t decide if she likes working best in residential, commercial or short-term rental sectors with all the fun that comes with each. Erica and her team are hired by clients for full service interior design, online E-design, and event styling. Since 2015, Erica has helped clients create more joy, expression, health and wellbeing through transformational design that goes deeper than aesthetics using the “Eco Method” way. Erica loves sharing her knowledge and has been featured in Better homes and Gardens, Forbes, Apartment Therapy, Reader’s digest and more. Looking forward, Erica is working towards leading the home decor and design industry into a greener, cleaner place. In her spare time, she’s hanging with her husband Reed and rescue mutt, Hank.

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A Big THANK YOU to Today’s Podcast Sponsor:

I’ve been doing business with Kravet through Window Works for decades so I wanted to share their statement on their furniture sustainability: At Kravet Inc. we are committed to providing quality product with limited environmental impact, pairing beauty and heirloom quality materials with sustainability to support both the planet and our future generations. The Kravet Inc. legacy is impenetrably bound to environmental awareness.

On their website, at kravet.com/furniture-sustainability, they list all their sustainability efforts. Here’s a quick sampling:

  • Nearly all waste products are sustainably recycled at Kravet Furniture factories.
  • Greater than 80% of the metal upholstery springs in Kravet Furniture come from recycled metal products.
  • The foam padding in Kravet Furniture contains the highest possible content of soy in an effort to reduce petroleum-based substances.

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