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Cheryl Luckett, #BLM: See Something, Say Something

Episode 573 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! LuAnn’s friend and previous guest, Cheryl Luckett, joins the show today for the next episode in the Black Lives Matter Series. Cheryl shares her experience in growing up in the deep south, her recollection of her first experience with racism, and the thoughts that went through her mind in that horrifying moment. You’ll also hear her explain how lack of inclusion and lack of resources in our own industry are racism hurdles. LuAnn and Cheryl cover many ways that you can do your part in creating inclusion and progress in our industry. Every action by each one of us matters!

With a 15-year career in Corporate America as a Registered Dietitian and Human Resources professional, Cheryl launched Dwell by Cheryl Interiors in 2012 seeking a creative outlet and an opportunity to explore her passion for design. The venture began with her blog chronicling her own home improvement projects and quickly morphed into a “side-hustle” decorating homes. After five years and a carefully executed strategic plan designed to help make the transition easier, she made the decision to leave corporate life behind. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cheryl, and her team provide clients with a professional and seamless design experience creating homes that are classic, colorful, cultured, and cozy that allow their clients to live their fullest lives. 

In 2018, she launched her first licensed collection of upholstered furniture with NC-based Sylvester Alexander called Belle by Cheryl Luckett. Her work has been published both locally and nationally appearing in Traditional Home, Country Living, and Southern Home.  

Show Highlights:

  • Conversations regarding racism not only need to happen, they need to be sustained.
  • Cheryl shares her first recollection of racism.
  • Cheryl defines the concept of “shifting”.
  • A career move away from corporate and human resources led to an epiphany regarding inclusion and diversity years later.
  • The racism hurdles in the design industry as seen through Cheryl’s eyes.
  • Diversity training should be a part of your business strategy.
  • Visibility should not be mistaken for change.
  • Cheryl and LuAnn offer suggestions for making change, starting with: Speak up!
  • LuAnn addresses “white privilege”.
  • Racism is a deep, collective wound.

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