What Level is Your Design Business?

Monica Wilcox: Systems Create Strength & Confidence

Episode 488 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome! We have Monica Wilcox, the principal of M Wilcox Design, joining us today. Monica is a #seasoneddesigner. She’s dynamic, entertaining, and she’s on the show to share some of her killer inspiration. She talks to us about coming to grips with her “business midlife crisis”, her decision to be on TV, diversifying revenue streams, and setting the rules for yourself first, and then for your clients, to ensure your success as an interior design business owner. Monica is often called on for her advice. She is full of energy and her approach to business and life is truly authentic. You’re really going to love her, so be sure to listen in, to hear what she has to share!

M Wilcox Design is an award-winning design firm with an emphasis on collaboration. Monica’s impeccable eye for design and her in-depth knowledge about project management really sets her apart from other design companies. She has very well-established systems, from the initial design phase all the way through to the final install, and every project is executed with precision and exceptional quality. Tune in today, to find out more about Monica and the efficient way that she runs her design firm.

Show Highlights:

  • Monica did not start out in business with a foundation for success. She had to teach herself the business side of her business.
  • Some of the core things that designers should be paying attention to when they start a business.
  • Monica started out with a career in the military. There, she learned about determination and discipline.
  • Monica is a believer in staying in her own lane and always hiring people who are good at what they do, to help her get to the top of her game.
  • It’s important to hire the top people.
  • Monica explains what she looks for when hiring people.
  • What caused Monica’s business mid-life crisis, ten years ago.
  • Finding a new sense of purpose.
  • Transformation is powerful.
  • Figuring out a deeper meaning to what you do.
  • Monica shares her strategies for diversifying revenue streams.
  • Getting on TV happened very easily for Monica.
  • Preparation plus opportunity leads to success.
  • Running with a structured system.
  • There’s so much to be learned from events and other designers.
  • Monica explains her fee structure.
  • All about Monica’s Design Mecca classes and education.


Interior Designer Monica Wilcox is an expert in delivering unique designs with functionality in mind. Her award-winning design firm creates gorgeous interiors that also offer livable-style with a California twist.

With an emphasis on Collaboration, Monica is able to realize the vision of her clients and bring them to life. She has the unique ability to connect with her clients and radiates a tremendous passion for what she does which is contagious to everyone around her.

Her impeccable eye for design combined with her in-depth knowledge of project management sets her apart from other interior designers. From initial designs to the final install, each project is executed with precision and exceptional quality.

Monica is frequently called upon for advice for everything from interior design to business growth to lifestyle tips. She enjoys the art of living fully and completely and is happy to share that with others. With boundless energy, an honest and direct approach, and an infectious spirit, it’s possible that this creative visionary may someday be in every household in America.

Monica Wilcox is the founder of Design Mecca, an online learning center that teaches interior designers how to start a successful business. Along with her colleague Nikki Chu, Monica teaches at the accredited online university which features a course broken up into 36 videos and 12 modules that students can work through at their own pace.

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What Level is Your Design Business?