What Level is Your Design Business?

Niching and the Ideal Client

Episodes of A Well-Designed Business®

The riches are in the niches.

Learn how scaling down your marketing efforts to a specific segment will help eliminate competition and improve your business model.

Charmaine Wynter – How to Niche in Small Space Design

My guest today is Charmaine Wynter, the principal of Wynter Interiors and the owner of Bespoke Design Boutique in Texas. You may already know Charmaine because she is one very busy lady! She is a radio... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Kim Kuhteubl: Understand the Value of Your Creativity and How to Find Your True Tribe

Kim Kuhteubl graces our show today.  She is an   award-winning film producer, author, actor, and member of the Producer's Guild of America. Since 1999, she has been producing stories and shows   about... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Nancy Ganzekaufer- Niche is Rich

Today on the show we have Nancy Ganzekaufer! Nancy is an art and accessories consultant. She is the founder and owner of her business Expressive Living. Before her business she worked in banking all the... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

What Level is Your Design Business?