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Bridge Your Gaps in 2024 at LuAnn University

Bridge Your Gaps in 2024 at LuAnn University

It’s January, that time of year when many entrepreneurs go deep, reflecting on their dreams and goals.

I know you’re a go-getter, so if you haven’t already, grab your pen and paper and start sketching out your success story.

What seems like a barrier might just be a bump in the road, but without a bit of rumination and reflection we’ll never know. And if it is a true barrier, there is no way around it or over it until we understand it.

If you attended LuAnn Live 2023, you’ve probably got this on lock. Thanks to the unstoppable Amber De La Garza, our productivity coach for the event (and guest on A Well-Designed Business® podcast, episodes 385, 577, 803), we were able to identify our AHA moments and dissect them—revealing our gaps (along with barriers and bumps), expressing our needs, and detailing a timeline to turn our goals into reality.

What gaps do you have between where you are and where you want to be?

They might look like the Grand Canyon, but that’s okay. Whether it’s a time crunch, a cash flow hiccup, or a tech puzzle, I get it. I’ve been there, and I know that often, it’s a knowledge gap that’s holding you back.

This is why we created LuAnn University. Each powerhouse course is tailored with you—the interior designer, architect, and window treatment professional—in mind, ready to close those knowledge gaps with new skills, game-changing insights, and a community that has your back.

And we aren’t wasting any time in 2024—classes begin at the end of the month, with only one semester running this year.

After designing for ten years, Divina Cloney, founder and principal designer at Divina Lourdes Interior Design in Annapolis, Maryland, decided to invest in herself and her business by joining us at LuAnn Live 2023. She knew it would bring clarity and focus and, hopefully, the next steps she needed to take to reach her business goals.

“This event exceeded anything I could have ever expected,” says Divina, adding that it gave her the tools to get to the next level.

Along with enhancing her mindset, introducing her to a new ‘design tribe,’ and meeting with the many amazing speakers and panelists, Divina’s main takeaway from LuAnn Live 2023 was a better understanding of her gaps and a plan to bridge some of them, crediting Amber’s productivity coaching throughout the event, along with the follow-up workshop, for helping expose what she needed.

Now, Divina can see not only where she wants to be, but how she needs to do to get there. And guess what? It’s not the Grand Canyon. It’s some time and education.

Divina is currently enrolled in Arianne Bellizaire’s Video for Creatives course, along with Kathleen Anderson’s Online Bookkeeping 101 course. I know both of these courses will set Divina up for success.

If you missed LuAnn Live 2023, don’t worry—we’ll do it again (and this year we’ve got a great Power Talk Friday Tour already lined up, with Amber De La Garza joining us for the August 2nd date in Vegas, so mark your calendar).

But definitely don’t wait until then to get started on your goals! 

Find the courses that are right for you and register for LuAnn University today to start your year off on the right foot.


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What Level is Your Design Business?