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Power Talk Friday: Sandra Funk: Boundaries and Expectations are a Few of My Favorite Things

Episode 986 of A Well-Designed Business®
986: Power Talk Friday: Sandra Funk: Boundaries and Expectations are a Few of My Favorite Things

Today With Sandra Funk:

Today with Sandra Funk, we explore the crucial role of setting expectations and boundaries when building a successful interior design business. Sandra shares a captivating personal story from her past that perfectly illustrates the importance of ongoing communication and reconfirmation in both personal and professional relationships. We discuss key strategies and insights from her proven process, the Interior Design Standard, which has helped countless designers create thriving, profitable firms. From defining clear project paths to maintaining regular client updates, Sandra offers invaluable advice for navigating the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship in the design industry. 

Pick It Apart

[1:45] Sandra shares the story of her “non-engagment” and a trip to the circus. 

[13:55] Sandra and LuAnn discuss having expectations, and why it’s so important to remind and reconfirm them with clients throughout the interior design process.

[23:59] Sandra explains the different ways she has tried to communicate her contract with clients, and how storytelling can help make it memorable.

[33:40] Sandra tells LuAnn that she sends an email to every client every week no matter what.

[47:16] LuAnn and Sandra discuss The Interior Design Standard and how to get started in the program.

LuAnn Nigara and Sandra Funk’s Ah-Ha Moments:

“You can make all the plans and you can make all the agreements, but if it has to be reminded and reconfirmed.” – Sandra Funk

“If they don’t really know what the boundaries are, how can they stay in them?” – LuAnn Nigara

“You have to explain your business…If it takes you more than two minutes to explain your pricing model — it’s too complicated. And it’ll go right over their head. Yeah. So it just has to be simple, clear, concise…And then remind and reiterate.” – Sandra Funk

More About Sandra Funk

Sandra Funk is a trusted advisor and the celebrated design leader who built the boutique firm, House of Funk and her proven process, the Interior Design Standard. Over 30 national press outlets – Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, to name a few – have recognized Sandra for her award-winning designs and innate entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite her business degree, a background in business process consulting and a design education from Parsons, it took Sandra over a decade – and the help of several experts – to develop and fine-tune her business model for a thriving interior design firm.

Today, Sandra is deeply rooted in empowering and educating design entrepreneurs. With her turnkey approach, she welcomes designers into her inner circle, sharing her proven process for a balanced, joy-filled and wildly profitable design firm.

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