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Megan Pisano: Instagram for Interior Designers: Engagement Matters More than Followers

Episode 904 of A Well-Designed Business®
904: Megan Pisano: Instagram for Interior Designers: Engagement Matters More than Followers

Today With Megan Pisano:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. We all know that social media can be a great marketing tool—if you can build up a big following. But if you’re struggling to gain a big number of followers, is it even worth the time?

My guest today, Megan Pisano, would say the answer is absolutely yes. With under 4,000 Instagram followers, Megan has still managed to put social media to strong use for her business through engagement and relationship building. Learn why engagement matters more than metrics!


Pick It Apart

[2:27] Megan breaks down how she started using social media for her business.

[15:42] LuAnn and Megan discuss the importance of investing in professional photography.

[16:20] Megan shares the nitty-gritty of her Instagram approach, from content to hashtags.

[33:24] Megan discusses how relationship-building and engagement matter so much on Instagram.

[45:04] Megan and LuAnn talk about the value of referrals, networking, and live events.

LuAnn Nigara and Megan Pisano’s Ah-Ha Moments

“So even though the first time they reach out to you, it’s technically a cold lead, it actually is functioning like a warm lead, because the relationship has already begun.” -LuAnn

“You have to post pictures of yourself. People want to know what you look like.” -Megan

More About Megan Pisano

Megan Pisano Design is an interior design company based in Chatham, NJ. Whether you’re in need of a full-house design or a single-room color recommendation (or anything in between), Megan can help you transform your home.

Megan works closely with her clients to understand what they’re looking for and creates spaces that are both beautiful as well as functional! She has a love for clean, minimalist designs that are brought to life with art and decor that reflect each client’s personality.

Megan’s interest in interior design began at a young age when she found herself rearranging her bedroom furniture every week (a habit that still remains!). She went on to receive an interior design degree from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and quickly put it to good use after graduation by working as an interior designer for the top Italian Furniture Company, B&B Italia.

After 10 years at B&B Italia, Megan decided to go out on her own in 2017 and fulfill her lifelong dream of starting her own company.

Megan loves helping her clients create spaces they feel happy in and feels lucky to have a job that she never sees as “work”. She’s also a certified yoga instructor – a passion that helps her bring a calm, relaxed approach to all of her designs and clients.

Megan lives in Chatham, NJ with her husband and their 2 young boys.

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