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Power Talk Friday: Desi Creswell: Out of Overwhelm: Why Time Management Begins With Your Mindset

Episode 871 of A Well-Designed Business®
871: Power Talk Friday: Desi Creswell: Out of Overwhelm: Why Time Management Begins With Your Mindset

Today With Desi Creswell:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. In today’s sponsored show, I’m sitting down with Desi Creswell, a friend of the show, Power Talk Friday expert, and creator of Out of Overwhelm—a six-month, intimate group experience for interior designers that will take you from overwhelmed & stressed to in control and profitable.

What really impresses me about Desi isn’t just her ability to teach people time management skills. As you’ll hear in today’s episode, the skills, tools, techniques, and practices are only half of the puzzle. Desi’s real ability lies in the other half—the mindset hurdles that are blocking us from transforming our relationship with time.

Pick It Apart

[2:13] Desi shares why time management is much more than the perfect color-coded calendar or time-blocking system.

[7:45] LuAnn and Desi discuss the concept of a relationship with time and how to change it.

[13:30] LuAnn and Desi talk about why the lack of time isn’t the real issue—the problem is often so much deeper.

[30:27] Desi shares her 5-step process for time management.

[56:44] Desi highlights how Out of Overwhelm works to help designers with time management struggles.

LuAnn Nigara and Desi Creswell’s Ah-Ha Moments

“We want to take an outward easy step to time management. And it’s a good step—time-blocking is something we want to do in a lot of ways. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and if it doesn’t go with all of the other things that you teach and coach on—like the relationship with time—it doesn’t change things.” – LuAnn

“I ask people to describe their relationship with time. For a lot of my clients, the relationship is adversarial, it’s forced, disciplined in a nonsupportive way. That used to be my experience before I came across the mindset tools I teach now. When we are in that unhealthy dynamic with time, of course we don’t want to engage with the strategies that are going to support us in effectively managing our time.” – Desi

More About Desi Creswell:

Desi Creswell is a Certified Life and Business Coach who helps interior designers stop feeling overwhelmed so they can intentionally build profitable, fulfilling businesses that enrich and support their lives as a whole.

An award-winning interior designer, Desi worked for world-renowned design and architecture firms prior to establishing her own design practice. After experiencing burnout from an endless to-do list and the competing interests of work and home, she was disheartened by the feeling that she wasn’t showing up as her best in any area of life. Desi sought to find solutions within the industry for time-management, work-life balance, and creating success that is truly self-defined.

In her quest to find a better way, Desi became committed to personal development and growth. This led Desi to blend mindset with strategy to transform her own experience and thus realize that there was a need for this type of support within the design community. Her training as a life coach, paired with her industry-specific expertise, helps her to empower clients to thrive both personally and professionally.

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