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Power Talk Friday: Howard A. Lim: How to Build a Ten-Figure, World-Class Brand

Episode 863 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today With Howard A. Lim:

Welcome to A Well Designed Business. What does it take to build a ten-figure world-class brand? Today, Howard A. Lim of HOW Creative is here to walk us through all of the steps and inner work needed to build a brand on this level. Even if you aren’t striving to be known around the world, Howard’s DNA of a brand that he teaches us will benefit you and take you where you want to be. Howard says that you must clearly define your Brand Architecture at the outset in order to sustain value, growth, and equity. So there’s some inner work to do first. Enjoy!

Pick It Apart

[7:11] Howard shares what we should be thinking about if we want to be a big brand name in the industry.

[13:55] Howard explains the importance of your vision and how it works. 

[17:45] Ideas so we can tap into our philosophy when we don’t have one. 

[30:54]  You’ve done all of the inner work and defined your brand, now how do we attract big brands and become known globally?

[39:08] If we become lucky enough to achieve multiple collaborations, what do we do to maintain those relationships?

[47:39] Quality always pays off.

LuAnn Nigara and Howard A. Lim’s Ah-Ha Moments

“When you look at successful brands like Apple or Tesla the reason they are so powerful is because their brand is by design.” – Howard A. Lim

“ A brand is what others are saying, now what you are saying.” – Howard A. Lim

“We create the reality that surrounds us, so why not think big?” – Howard A. Lim

More About Howard A. Lim:

Business and Brand Architect Howard A. Lim designs businesses from the inside-out and has been a disruptive innovator since 1987, when he founded his full-service firm, HOW CREATIVE. Mr. Lim partners with business leaders to create influential, world-class businesses and brands using his unique, proprietary hybrid model of business development, branding, and customer engagement to attain exponential profits, growth, value, and new opportunities quickly and effectively. Representing companies of all types and sizes, including Apple, Disney, Paramount, DreamWorks, Xerox, Oracle, Mattel, and AT&T, Mr. Lim collaborates with clients globally to develop and execute leading, world-class businesses and brands while adding billions of dollars to his clients’ profits.

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What Level is Your Design Business?