Health and Wealth! A Well-Designed Business within a Well-Designed Life

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  • November 5-8, 2023
  • Sheraton Orlando North
  • Orlando, FL

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A great business starts with you—the human who runs it.

And a well-designed life is one where it feels great to go to your business! You’re energized and ready to show up, you’re not dreading the day ahead, and you have a good relationship with your employees.

What Will You Take Away?

  • How to pursue licensing deals, avoid the common pitfalls, and build the next-level brand that you’ve always wanted
  • How to attract and collaborate with the really great builders in your area—the ones that ALWAYS have projects and already work with your dream client
  • How to overcome the kinds of mental challenges that we all face…while keeping your business not only running but scaling up and thriving
  • How to refine and improve the pillars of a business that runs profitably: a good company culture, stated mission, vision and values, a set marketing plan, and a profit/loss that just makes sense. All of these things are necessary to be a successful and profitable business. 
  • How to efficiently—and without hesitation—take action on the things that you learn. LuAnn’s personal coach will be checking in at key points to make sure that THIS event is a turning point for you and your business
  • And so much more!

Who Should Attend?

Every element, every lesson, and every speaker has been hand-selected for:

  • Interior Designers
  • Window Treatment Professionals
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Industry Partners and LuAnn’s Beloved Power Talk Friday Experts

But let’s face it—almost any service-based business will benefit from many of the lessons that will be learned here.


Co-Hosted & Moderated By…

  • Best-Selling Author
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host

LuAnn Nigara is a celebrated media personality, keynote speaker, and seasoned entrepreneur. Recognized as the “go-to” keynote speaker for leaders and entrepreneurs to launch their life and get out of their own way, she always delivers a dynamic presentation.

LuAnn has published three books, is a sought-after columnist and has captured international attention for her weekly podcasts Window Treatments for Profit and A Well-Designed Business® which has more than 850 episodes and over 7 million downloads.


Co-Hosted & Moderated By…

  • Mental Health Advocate
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host

Christie Rocha is the host of Sass Says, a podcast to guide women on how to invest in their own well-being. She interviews mental health professionals, experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and women who share her mission to debunk the stigmas and misconceptions about therapy, mental health, and the realities of creating content online.

Christie is known for asking the “but how?” questions—with listeners walking away from each episode with actionable steps on the magic of mindset, maximizing time, setting boundaries, and cultivating real balance. Christie is a co-author in the upcoming book, Honest As a Mother Volume 2, set to release this summer.

Experts and Designer Panelists

  • Brad Leavitt

    Brad Leavitt


  • Bria Hammel

    Bria Hammel


  • Cheryl Luckett

    Cheryl Luckett


  • Corey Damen Jenkins

    Corey Damen Jenkins


  • Eileen Hahn

    Eileen Hahn


  • Jude Charles

    Jude Charles


  • Katie McDonald

    Katie McDonald


  • Michelle Wiebe

    Michelle Wiebe


  • Nicole White

    Nicole White


  • Rachael Bozsik Johanson

    Rachael Bozsik Johanson


  • Sara Lynn Brennan

    Sara Lynn Brennan


  • Vita Vygovska

    Vita Vygovska


It’s about the conversation!

Sun. November 5th - Wed. November 8th, 2023 at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel

Sunday, November 5th

3:00pm – 4:30pm ET | Registration / Check-In
5:00pm ET | Programming Begins!
LuAnn’s opening keynote and a one-on-one conversation with special guest, Corey Damen Jenkins. Followed by opening night cocktails, sponsored by The Interior Design Society.

Monday, November 6th

9:00am – 9:00pm ET
All-Day Event
Lunch & Dinner Included!

Tuesday, November 7th

9:00am – 6:00pm ET | All-Day Event
6:00pm ET | Tuesday Night Cocktail Party

Wednesday, November 8th

9:00am – 2:00pm ET | The VIP Event
Roundtable Discussions, VIP Guests, and More

Turn Your LNL A-Ha Moments into Business Wins!

Amber will be sharing strategic tips throughout the conference—making everything you learn at LuAnn Live 2023 actionable so you can maximize your business health and wealth.

The Art of Branding: Transform Your Identity into Success

Learn Rachael’s top strategies for figuring out your unique YOU and converting that into attracting your ideal client—again and again.

From Blueprint to Reality: Builders and Interior Designers Collaborating for Excellence

Working with builders can be lucrative, consistent, and a true win-win. Learn the top four reasons why a builder wants to work with a designer—so you can use them in your sales and marketing.

Licensing Decoded: Strategically Evaluating Products, Partners and Profitability

How does licensing happen? How do these designers get licensing deals? Let’s crack this world and open and take the mystery out of the process.

Overcoming Deep Mental Challenges While Growing a Successful Business

Explore the delicate balance between mental health and running a successful business. Jude Charles will delve into practical strategies for working when you’re not feeling yourself, identifying internal and external factors that impact your mental health, and how to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship without burning out. Uncover effective approaches to maintaining a healthy mindset and get real about why it is not selfish to prioritize the self-care that you need while pursuing your entrepreneurial ambitions.

The Perfect Fit, Designers and Window Treatment Pros: Exploring a Profit Center in Your Business

Window treatments are a highly lucrative element in every design project. Learn from both sides—the designer side and the window treatment pro side—how to sell, how to price, and how to collaborate with each other to dramatically increase your profitability.

The Life You Were Born For

How can you expand your good life into a grand and glorious adventure? What is the real, practical path to peace, fun, abundance, and well-being? Eileen Hahn will provide ideas, techniques, and exercises to connect you to the life you were born for. Use proven steps to define and live a well-designed life.

Luann Nigara
Luann Nigara
Luann Nigara

And Introducing...

Heather Hansen

Your Emcee: Heather Hansen

Best-Selling Author, Trial Lawyer, Keynote Speaker, Advocacy Coach

Heather is the premier expert on how to advocate for what you want—and get it. She has worked with organizations like Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Google, and the American Medical Association to help them make the case for their services, products, ideas and their teams. She’s also shared these tools at Harvard Business School, Stanford Law School, The University of Pennsylvania, and with audiences across the world.

Amber De La Garza

Your Guide: Amber de la Garza

The Productivity Specialist

Introducing Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist. Amber is a multifaceted coach, trainer, speaker, and writer dedicated to assisting small business owners in boosting profits, minimizing stress, and reclaiming valuable time through enhanced time management and heightened productivity. She is the host of the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast and the innovative mind behind Leverage Lab®.

We haven’t forgotten the fun stuff. In addition to engaging, not-to-be-missed discussion and no-holds-barred Q&A, we’ve got cocktails, breakfast sessions, and surprises.

Interior Designers, Home Industry Experts, and Rising Stars Come Together

Renowned Industry Experts

We’ve gathered bright minds from 1000+ episodes of the podcast—all specific to the goal of building wealth and health. This year, we’re addressing the human elements that make real business growth possible.

We can name example after example—mindset, energy, and a strategic approach to health are the common threads in the big, profitable success stories.

Designers Who Are Living It

Pick the brains of the most successful, working designers. Ask them questions and take the lessons directly back to your business. 

Do you have goals for this year? This is where big ideas are born and great interior design and window treatment businesses are built.

The LuAnn Element

LuAnn Live is different from anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s like a live version of the podcast—except you’re part of it!

Get in the room—with experts, colleagues, and peers who are doing exactly what you want to be doing and beyond. LuAnn is there to interpret the lessons for all levels of business owner, always digging deeper, getting to the real questions.

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$700 Off 6 Months of 1:1 Peak Performance Coaching with Amber De La Garza

Reduce stress, reclaim time, and increase profits with $700 off 6 months of 1:1 Peak Performance private coaching sessions with Amber.

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Jessica Harling

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Jessica Harling’s DIY Recruiting 5-Role Bundle retails for $2,750 and her “DONE FOR YOU” Talent Acquisition Package retails for $7,500.

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Peter Lang Resource Lab

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Michele Williams

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Michele Williams’ Financial Bundle includes Pricing Without Emotion®, Understanding Your Financials®, Master Your Profit®, and two free months of Metrique Solutions®.  Premium Coaching Packages (Designers’ Inner Circle or Elite Program) include the courses above and Metrique Solutions®.

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Desi Creswsell

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Get $300 off one of Stacey Brown Randall’s Self-Study Referral Programs including Growth By Referrals, Referring Machines, and Referable Client Experience.

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Sandra Funk Ids

EXCLUSIVE Identify Your Dream Client Workshop

Join Sandra Funk in this hands-on workshop where you will identify your dream client, then learn how to attract and retain them so that you can become completely irresistible to them (and all of their dreamy friends).

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Nancy Ganzekaufer

The Ultimate ExtravaGanzekaufer Offer

Nancy Ganzekaufer’s very special offer is ONLY for attendees of LuAnn Nigara Live. The Ultimate ExtravaGanzekaufer Offer of Nancy’s coaching products and services is worth over $1,300—you do not want to miss this.

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Jenny Slingerland Headshot

$750 Off the Blueprint to Construction

Jenny Slingerland goes over everything an interior designer needs to know to give their clients a luxury experience, while impressing builders and gaining referrals. This deep dive into the world of construction is available in-person for a 2-day coaching session or a one-day virtual session.

VALUE: $750

Michelle Lynne

10% Off The Interior Design Business Bakery™

Michelle Lynne’s Interior Design Business Bakery™ is an intimate 12-month mentorship program where interior designers grow their business from 5- and low 6-figure revenue to multiple 6-figures, with the profits and passion baked in.

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Kylie Tyrell

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Learn from a mentor with over 13 years of industry experience and set up your own interior design business in 12 weeks. Kylie Tyrrell’s The Mentorship will teach you the business of interior design.

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Duke Renders

75% Off One Space With Three Views

Unlock your design’s full potential and get one space with three views from Duke Renders for just $999! Explore your space from three different angles and perspectives, leaving NOTHING to the imagination.

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Are you guessing? Keeping up with the “entrepreneurial Joneses”? Or going it alone? Get $500 off Anna Nelson’s Focused + Aligned Coaching Package. Get Focused. Get Aligned. Love your business even more in 2024.

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Jennifer Tokatyan

$500 Off Team Optimization with Jennifer Tokatyan

In this Team Optimization Consultation, Jennifer will assess the type of leader you are, your natural strengths and style, and discuss how you can best lead your team to get results. Together you will develop an action plan to build on strengths, address gaps, and optimize team performance to meet your goals.

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Eileen Hahn

$426 Off One-Hour Consultation with Eileen Hahn

The perfect solution to address a specific business challenge, gain valuable big-picture perspective, or explore infinite possibilities. During this consultation, Eileen will explore and answer your burning business and life questions, provide tools and resources, and guide you to look within to live an extraordinary life.

VALUE: $426

Anastasia Harrison

10% Off Your First Order Over $2,000

It takes a village to make an interior design business work—consider AHD an extension of your team, as they understand the procurement challenges that interior designers face. First time clients of the AHD Trade program will receive a 10% discount on their first order over $2,000.

VALUE: $200+

John Mcclain

Bonus 1:1 Coaching Session AND 50% Off Design Success Academy

Get a 30-Minute Coaching Session AND 50% discount when you enroll in the Beta launch of John McClain’s new 6-week design business transformation program, Design Success Academy!

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What can I expect?

We’ve put together a truly unique format—with every topic being covered by a hand-picked expert, a designer who is living it, and our amazing moderators—LuAnn and Christie. There will be opportunities for Q&A, as well as discussion, laughs, and key takeaways for everyone!

It’s going to be ridiculously fun and a total game-changer for your mindset, social media, finances,  and more.

But I’ve been to events like this before! It’s all very exciting and then I never actually take action on anything I learn.

If you know anything about LuAnn, then you know she is all about action. Everything about this event is structured to create spectacular, real change for you and your business. We’ve planned it into the structure and will have a productivity coach to guide you throughout the event.

When and where is this happening?

It’s all happening on November 5-8, 2023 in Orlando, FL. Conference location and other details to be announced!

When does everything start and finish?

As always, we’re planning full days of panels, surprises, and important takeaways. Registration will open at 3pm on Sunday—followed by programming and cocktails. Events will begin at 9am each morning and extend into the evening. The VIP day will begin at 9am and conclude at 2pm.

What is the cost?

There are two ticket levels available, each with its own goodies and price point. Once the early registration period ends, pricing will rise.