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Sandra Vlock: Blaze Your Own Trail

Episode 751 of A Well-Designed Business®
751: Sandra Vlock: Blaze Your Own Trail

Today with Sandra Vlock

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today I have the pleasure of talking with Sandra Vlock, founder of Studio Vlock. Sandra worked as an architect in her own firm for 30 years before shifting into, what she likes to refer to as, functional fine art. If that’s not impressive, wait until you see her illuminating, evocative sculptures. Let this episode serve as an inspiration for you to make that big move to change your life and success like Sandra did.

Pick it apart:

  • [1:30] Sandra begins by explaining her concept of “functional art.”[6:05] Sandra tells us some of the ways that she leveraged being an architect into working as an artist.

    [12:00] Sandra and LuAnn discuss transferable skills and how important asking questions is.

    [25:00] Sandra explains how luxury can be defined as a creative experience and how she executes that.

    [45:50] Sandra ends with some great advice that she learned from owning her architecture firm and beginning a new business.

LuAnn and Sandra Vlock’s Ah-Ha moments:

“It’s not just finding opportunities for more pieces, it’s understanding what your skill set may be that could increase the scope of the work.” – Sandra Vlock

“On our show, we have discussed the standpoint of the Erika Ward transferable skills many times and in many different ways. Your past impacts what you’re doing, just how you’re expressing how your 30+ year career as an architect is impacting the way you create functional art.” – LuAnn Nigara

“Clients are craving a unique experience that can be shared.” – Sandra Vlock

“I guess people like what I do artistically, but I think it’s because I am willing to be such an avid listener to every detail and it shows up in the work that I produce.” – Sandra Vlock

More about Sandra Vlock:

As an architect of contemporary architectural design, who is now working as an artist, Sandra Vlock’s focus is to engage people in a shared experience; capturing an authentic sense of place, context and narrative. Vlock views the integration of fine art and architectural elements as a natural evolution of that vision; one that enables Vlock to design evocative steel sculptures that inspire memorable experiences and create unique environments for social gathering, quiet reflection, and visual delight. Find out more about her work by visiting STUDIO VLOCK.

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