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Power Talk Friday: Buildlane: Innovating Custom Furniture Creation

Episode 736 of A Well-Designed Business®
736: Power Talk Friday: Buildlane: Innovating Custom Furniture Creation

Today with Frank Eybsen:

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. Today we speak with Frank Eybsen, founder of Buildlane. Buildlane’s mantra is to make custom easy for designers. We all know how daunting the custom process can be. Whether you are near or far, seasoned or new, Buildlane provides an experienced team and talented builders to carry out your specific custom furniture needs. Tune in to learn how to join the Buildlane platform and all of its wonderful benefits. Hint: Your Buildlane experience will leave you with an unexpected custom education.

Pick it apart:

  • [14:45] Frank explains all of the different opportunities to specify custom furniture through Buildlane.

    [29:28] Frank tells us the criteria for someone to be a part of Buildlane and also how a designer is given the opportunity to meet and get to know their builder.

    [35:45] Frank explains the benefits of their templates program and how to use it.

    [43:48] We learn the difference between 8 way hand tied versus springs.

    [47:33] LuAnn and Frank discuss how Buildlane has come at the right time, in terms of being eco friendly they can make it happen, especially with the help of Carla Pile.

    [54:53] Frank tells us how designers can get signed up for a trade account with Buildlane.

LuAnn and Frank Eybsen’s Ah-Ha moments:

“Working with Buildlane you will have an extension of your own design team that is entirely in charge of managing your production.” – Frank Eybsen

“From designers who are really green to experienced designers from big firms, everybody comes in with some knowledge gaps. The amazing thing that’s happened with Buildland is that we’re educating people throughout the process. They learn that the mistakes that could have happened, didn’t happen.” – Frank Eybsen

“I love the transparency of being able to see the piece of furniture all through the process.” – LuAnn Nigara

“With the sit test for those who can’t test the quality of the furniture before they order, we like to say to designers to have your client sit in something and tell us what it is that they loved, and we’ll be able to reproduce that. We know what everybody is building with and what materials they are using.” – Frank Eybsen

“Truly I think the biggest thing with pricing has to do with the workforce behind the work. You can tell when you look at the details in the craftsmanship.” – Frank Eybsen

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More About Frank Eybsen:

Frank Eybsen is an entrepreneur in the home industry from Los Angeles, California. While originally a fixture in the LA Tech Startup, his love for building things and manufacturing led him to the heart of furniture production in California – South Los Angeles. It was here that he received a hands-on education in upholstery and case good construction. This experience led to the founding of Buildlane – a platform where the country’s best craftspeople come together with the country’s most creative designers to create custom furniture.

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