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Inside Voice / Outside Voice

A Monthly Interactive Event to Benefit Charities within the Design Community

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November  3, 2022 at 2:30 – 3:30pm ET $36.00

Note: We will not be sending out recordings. This a real-time, interactive event.

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Inside Voice / Outside Voice

Every business owner has an inside voice—and an outside voice.

The inside voice is the behind-the-scenes conversation we have with ourselves or our team, the things we know as a pros, and occasionally the sassier take on the situation. The outside voice? That’s how you say it to the client.

Inside Voice / Outside Voice is a monthly series—an opportunity to talk with you, the design professional, about up-to-the-minute struggles and solutions.

It’s also an opportunity to give back to the design community, with half of the proceeds going directly to a design-related charity each month.


Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! This will be an interactive event where you can engage with LuAnn and your fellow attendees.

Will there be a recording?

We will not be sending out recordings. Just like one of LuAnn's in-person presentations, these are unique and the content will be driven by your live questions and contributions. This a real-time, one-of-a-kind event—and it's all about interaction.

Will I be on camera?

If you choose to! Attendees can see LuAnn and LuAnn can see attendees. Prefer not to be on camera? Simply turn your camera off.

What is the cost?

The cost is $36 per person with 50% of proceedings going to the this month’s charity. Click below to register!

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As a former psychologist, I find the level of insight into human psychology LuAnn possesses to be truly remarkable."

– Claudia, Claudia Josephine Design
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LuAnn understands the importance of making money in business, something a lot of interior designers have trouble with."

– Carla, Carla Aston Designed
What Level is Your Design Business?